Monday, July 16, 2012

Bankin' #0 - Evroniani/Evronians

Oh. Hi.

You may know me as a translator for Paperinik New Adventures, PKNA for short. Some of you might even look upon me as a savior for letting you read the entire series. I won't be humble. You should worship me. Right the fuck now.

Now then, after having completed the last issue, I've been trying to get other things done for the series. For example, making a half-assed motion comic out of my favorite issue. Been working on it for months. Don't know when it will be done, I don't have much control over it. In the meantime, I've created this blog where I'll basically make retrospectives over PKNA issues, Bankin' the Duck. I'll be going over everything while trying to be as rude and disgusting as possible and talk shit about it when I really have no reason to do so. It's just my style. I can never be nice about anything, despite my love for this series. I might try...

Without further ado, let's dive into the series' first issue... or is it? I'm not sure if the zero numbered issues came before or after #1...

... yeah, it's the first one. Apparently. Dunno why I would be confused. Eh.

Be warned. I'm not gonna be very PG.


Where Donald Duck fights space ducks who for some reason like to decorate EVERYTHING with beaks.