Tuesday, December 24, 2013

DoubleDuck - Mission Thermal Heart

The holidays have come once again, and I'm not even gonna be in a very good mood for it because it's not even snowing here in Norway, greenest Christmas I've ever had...

But to celebrate what's to come, I have decided to take this one natural course of action and start translating DoubleDuck stories!


This here's a big one split into four different parts. You can grab it down below!

Cue image I grabbed from the net...

DoubleDuck - Mission Thermal Heart Parts 1-4

How is this related to Christmas? Well, there is snow in this story! Once Donald gets to the North Pole for reasons...

Fuck. Hang on, let me spice things up here so that things will be more Xmasy. And things.

Hmm... Eh... Ah... Ooooh... Okay... Yeah... Uh huh... Just get that right in there..... Yes!

Here, I took this sexy picture of Tempest Gale and added in a Santa hat.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Motion Comic Related Translation Fixes

You know, when I did the motion comics, a lot of text was changed from the original translations because I eventually realized my many mistakes. I messed up big time at some parts, and "you're surrounded by a question" will forever haunt me.

Now then, I'm doing something I should have been doing long ago... Fix my shit for the comics themselves. So I took the fixes that are seen in the motion comics and added them to the JPEG pages.

Yes yes, Fragments of Autumn and Metamorphosis. Links are the same, but I'll put them under here anyway. Maybe in the future I'll do proper retranslations of these issues.

Fragments of Autumn


And yes, the new motion comic, which is The Last Hunt, it's still in the making. It will come eventually.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pikappa stories 6-8

My apologies beforehand for subjecting you all to this illiterate rape, but here ya go, I somewhat "translated" more stories from the Pikappa reboot series. Now, if any of you can actually somewhat comprehend what is poorly written here, have a look at these and try not to vomit.

Already you can tell something's wrong by the title of the first story here. Well, it had to end on a specific word, and I'm clearly unable to do more than what's evidenced here. Leave all your complaints below if desired.

"Instinct of... Femininity?"

"The Oriental Method"

"A Mother is Always a Mother"

I'm done here.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Bankin' #4 - Earthquake/Terremoto

This is one of the moments where I'm sitting down and I utter the following words to myself. "Hmm, on this day of my existence, what should I possibly be doing out of all the things in this world that are possible to do? Well of course, I should dust off one of my valuable PKNA issues and write a reasonably large amount of paragraphs where I will be going through its contents and make clever jokes pointed in its direction, and then I'll post it on my superbly designed blog where all my adoring followers can read it. Let's do this!"


Well of course the government issues you guys torpedo launchers.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Remake of 1998 special, and this story from the fifth Pikappa issue.

Hmm. Okay. I suppose this is next in line to be remade.

PKNA 1998 Special - Zero Slash One

And another small little Pikappa story. Pretty good one, actually. And am I saying "duckmobile"? Yes I am, fuck everything.

"Destroyer Kid"

Yeah, I'm done here. Go outside and play, kids.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

PKNA #20, Pikappa #4, here ya go.

Another remake is here. The translation is still not perfect, but fuck it, the excellent quality of Asparagus32's scans more than makes up for that.

PKNA #20 - Mekkano

And here's another story from Pikappa, the fourth issue. And not a secondary story, but a main story. Yeah, the shorter one is the one that's featured on the cover and the first one to be read in the issue. Of course, the other one was officially translated cause it's the longer one...

This story introduces Kronin. Kinda important, don't ya think? Of course, the other story introduces recurring villain Vulnus Vendor who does have more importance in this reboot series, but... Yeah.

And I'm still calling the hero Duck Avenger in my translations. I don't care. And I have the Evronians say "might and power" instead of "power and strength". Just going with what I'm used to.


And that's it. Once again. Just read them. You assholes.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

... zzz PKNA #19 Redo & Pikappa #3 Secondary Story zzz...

I'm here. I've now arrived. Here's the latest thing I've done. That space adventure where there's really not much text. Of course, as a translator, that delighted me as I was working on it. But as a reader, I was like "Oh...". Download link down below. And this is one I need to replace, doesn't look like I'm the one who has the old one up on Mediafire for some reason.

PKNA #19 - Absolute Zero

And here's another Angus Tales.

Oh wait, it's the secondary story of Pikappa #3. My bad.

"Question of Intuition"

And for those of you out there who are able to buy the official Pikappa translations, AKA Superduck, and haven't, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bankin' #3 - Day of the Cold Sun/Il giorno del Sole Freddo

Starting today's session. Patient's name is Banks Banker. Proceeding to converse with subject.

Fuck are you looking at?

Do you know why you're in this mental institution, Mr. Banker?

Because you people have some weird fucking fetish?

You have been showing clear symptoms of delirium, delusions, several forms of insanity. In several occasions, you've been sighted screaming out in the middle of streets as you attempt to throw your fists at images that are only appearing in your head. As many times, people have observed laying down on the ground, laughing shaking uncontrollably. And let's not forget the duck molestation.

They came onto me. Do you know how rapish those feathered things are?

I won't dignify that question with an answer. Now, do understand that we are here to help you overcome your problems. That being said, we are going to need you to be more cooperative. This is going to be very difficult if you don't open up to me so that we can work together to solve this. Following the rest of our session, I will be asking you a number of questions and I expect you to give me proper answers to them. Not at first, perhaps, I realize this can take some time... But anyways, let's begin. First of all, can you tell me--

You're pretty good at using your mouth, doctor. Why don't you use it on my penis?

Actually, I believe we'll be ending this session quite early. Get him out of here.

Fine, whatever. Screw you and this stupid plot. Lock me up wherever you want... but you'll never stop the bankin'. Now where did I leave off...


Alright, alright, I'm gonna stop calling this asshole Box Killer.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Redoin' PKNA #18. Oh, and then there's this Pikappa thing...

Another shitty PKNA translation reincarnated into a less shitty one.

Go get it. It's #18, "Ancient Future". Go on.

PKNA #18 - Ancient Future

What else do we got... Oh, another secondary story of Pikappa. Where non-readers of the main stories will wonder what the hell's up with stuff. Like why Lyla Lay is hanging around with this one character...

And I can still name every single person in the Channel 00 offices. Go ahead, point at one character in the tower in this story and I'll answer!

Anyone who has read the extra info pages in PKNA #25 can answer.

You know, it's funny that Peter Watermann is in those pages even though he never appeared in PKNA.

Isn't it Peter Waterman?

He's actually called Tom Waterman in all his other appearances in Pikappa, so I also changed it in this story just to have consistency.

Good to know.

"First Date"

And now I have to go because these nice men are attempting to have me wear this white jacket and take me away in their mode of transport. Something about me talking to voices in my brain...

Is this the start of a stupid unnecessary storyline that will continue in the next Bankin' the Duck? Dunno.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Some PKNA and some Pikappa, can you guys believe it?

What have i done now? Well, I went back and improved another one of my shitty translations, this one being the issue known as "Shooting Star", starring Tufty the Madcapess! Lots of difficult words here that were most of the time made up...

You know, what's great is that I don't have to replace the link for the old translation with a link for the new translation. I can just replace the file the link leads to. Mediafire rocks my cocks!

PKNA #17 - Shooting Star

But I don't only have old shit, I also have new shit! You know, I can't really translate the primary stories in Pikappa seeing as Disney has officially translated most of these and are... selling them, I guess. It's damn near impossible to get a hold of one of these things. Well, unless you got mob ties.

However! They haven't touched the smaller secondary stories... And I have just completed my translation of the first one! Now, those who haven't gotten a change to read the primary story of the first issue of Pikappa will be fucking confused to what's going on... yeah, well, you know...

Just go and read it. It's drawn by Claudio Duckmeister Sciarrone. Feast on some more of his art. And hey, it's one of the only times you see Everett Ducklair in this reboot...

There's also a panel of Duckmall Center! Could it be that if I look really hard... uh... no... no, of course not, why would I get my hopes up... ugh...

"Changing of the Guard"

Well, bye now! I got stuff I keep telling myself is important to do.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bankin' #2 - Due/Two

I'm here to do some more bankin'. Don't worry, I managed to destroy Denmark, I repeat, Denmark has been destroyed. I used global warming to accomplish it, I had some laying around in the garage right next to the Xargon. And a lifetime supply of hockeypulver, God I love that stuff you guys have no idea...

Is the show on the road? Get that effin' show on the road!


So you weren't intending on having the reveal being a surprise, eh?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Old Comics

Right, so Birch doesn't seem to be too active over at his blog...

The thing is that I went back and redid some of the first issues I ever translated.
I know that, being done by me, they were absolutely perfect, but I thought they could be even more perfect.
(Alright, so they sucked. Even I get tired of the ego act...)


PKNA #12 - Second Draft

PKNA #15 - Camera, Action

I'll also have download links to all the PK related things listed...
somewhere over there to the side.

And I will post any future translation stuff I do here now.

And that's that. Now get the fuck out of my house.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bankin' #1 - Ombre su Venere/Shadows on Venus

--his face started sweating only seconds after they both had sat down in the private room. Never in his life had this man laid his eyes on such beauty, despite the woman's childlike size. He quickly let his professionalism take over and went on with their discussion, though his sexual urges kept growing the longer he looked at her. Trying to control the urge to kiss those black lips, the banker explained to the client that she wasn't eligible for the loan she had requested. The woman stared at him for a short while, and then, to his shock, she started taking off her leather jacket. "Maybe there's something we can work out", she said with a seductive look eyed on the banker. Though he knew he couldn't possibly go through with this, his mind soon went blank, as she pulled down her top, revealing her juicy funb--

What do you mean this isn't Adultfanfiction.net? I'm on Bankin' the Duck? Well shit, now I feel really stupid, how the hell did I make that mistake?! At least I stopped writing before I got to the really naughty parts, that would have completely fucked over this blog's PG rating, it could even have compromised its chances of getting its own show on Nickelodeon. Thank you for warning me in time, ghost of Tony Jay.

And what the heck, I may as well cover the next issue since I'm already here.


Angus Fangus Dangus Hangus Mangus Pangus Vangus Yadayadaus