Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bankin' #1 - Ombre su Venere/Shadows on Venus

--his face started sweating only seconds after they both had sat down in the private room. Never in his life had this man laid his eyes on such beauty, despite the woman's childlike size. He quickly let his professionalism take over and went on with their discussion, though his sexual urges kept growing the longer he looked at her. Trying to control the urge to kiss those black lips, the banker explained to the client that she wasn't eligible for the loan she had requested. The woman stared at him for a short while, and then, to his shock, she started taking off her leather jacket. "Maybe there's something we can work out", she said with a seductive look eyed on the banker. Though he knew he couldn't possibly go through with this, his mind soon went blank, as she pulled down her top, revealing her juicy funb--

What do you mean this isn't I'm on Bankin' the Duck? Well shit, now I feel really stupid, how the hell did I make that mistake?! At least I stopped writing before I got to the really naughty parts, that would have completely fucked over this blog's PG rating, it could even have compromised its chances of getting its own show on Nickelodeon. Thank you for warning me in time, ghost of Tony Jay.

And what the heck, I may as well cover the next issue since I'm already here.


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