Tuesday, August 27, 2013

... zzz PKNA #19 Redo & Pikappa #3 Secondary Story zzz...

I'm here. I've now arrived. Here's the latest thing I've done. That space adventure where there's really not much text. Of course, as a translator, that delighted me as I was working on it. But as a reader, I was like "Oh...". Download link down below. And this is one I need to replace, doesn't look like I'm the one who has the old one up on Mediafire for some reason.

PKNA #19 - Absolute Zero

And here's another Angus Tales.

Oh wait, it's the secondary story of Pikappa #3. My bad.

"Question of Intuition"

And for those of you out there who are able to buy the official Pikappa translations, AKA Superduck, and haven't, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bankin' #3 - Day of the Cold Sun/Il giorno del Sole Freddo

Starting today's session. Patient's name is Banks Banker. Proceeding to converse with subject.

Fuck are you looking at?

Do you know why you're in this mental institution, Mr. Banker?

Because you people have some weird fucking fetish?

You have been showing clear symptoms of delirium, delusions, several forms of insanity. In several occasions, you've been sighted screaming out in the middle of streets as you attempt to throw your fists at images that are only appearing in your head. As many times, people have observed laying down on the ground, laughing shaking uncontrollably. And let's not forget the duck molestation.

They came onto me. Do you know how rapish those feathered things are?

I won't dignify that question with an answer. Now, do understand that we are here to help you overcome your problems. That being said, we are going to need you to be more cooperative. This is going to be very difficult if you don't open up to me so that we can work together to solve this. Following the rest of our session, I will be asking you a number of questions and I expect you to give me proper answers to them. Not at first, perhaps, I realize this can take some time... But anyways, let's begin. First of all, can you tell me--

You're pretty good at using your mouth, doctor. Why don't you use it on my penis?

Actually, I believe we'll be ending this session quite early. Get him out of here.

Fine, whatever. Screw you and this stupid plot. Lock me up wherever you want... but you'll never stop the bankin'. Now where did I leave off...


Alright, alright, I'm gonna stop calling this asshole Box Killer.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Redoin' PKNA #18. Oh, and then there's this Pikappa thing...

Another shitty PKNA translation reincarnated into a less shitty one.

Go get it. It's #18, "Ancient Future". Go on.

PKNA #18 - Ancient Future

What else do we got... Oh, another secondary story of Pikappa. Where non-readers of the main stories will wonder what the hell's up with stuff. Like why Lyla Lay is hanging around with this one character...

And I can still name every single person in the Channel 00 offices. Go ahead, point at one character in the tower in this story and I'll answer!

Anyone who has read the extra info pages in PKNA #25 can answer.

You know, it's funny that Peter Watermann is in those pages even though he never appeared in PKNA.

Isn't it Peter Waterman?

He's actually called Tom Waterman in all his other appearances in Pikappa, so I also changed it in this story just to have consistency.

Good to know.

"First Date"

And now I have to go because these nice men are attempting to have me wear this white jacket and take me away in their mode of transport. Something about me talking to voices in my brain...

Is this the start of a stupid unnecessary storyline that will continue in the next Bankin' the Duck? Dunno.