Sunday, September 29, 2013

Remake of 1998 special, and this story from the fifth Pikappa issue.

Hmm. Okay. I suppose this is next in line to be remade.

PKNA 1998 Special - Zero Slash One

And another small little Pikappa story. Pretty good one, actually. And am I saying "duckmobile"? Yes I am, fuck everything.

"Destroyer Kid"

Yeah, I'm done here. Go outside and play, kids.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

PKNA #20, Pikappa #4, here ya go.

Another remake is here. The translation is still not perfect, but fuck it, the excellent quality of Asparagus32's scans more than makes up for that.

PKNA #20 - Mekkano

And here's another story from Pikappa, the fourth issue. And not a secondary story, but a main story. Yeah, the shorter one is the one that's featured on the cover and the first one to be read in the issue. Of course, the other one was officially translated cause it's the longer one...

This story introduces Kronin. Kinda important, don't ya think? Of course, the other story introduces recurring villain Vulnus Vendor who does have more importance in this reboot series, but... Yeah.

And I'm still calling the hero Duck Avenger in my translations. I don't care. And I have the Evronians say "might and power" instead of "power and strength". Just going with what I'm used to.


And that's it. Once again. Just read them. You assholes.