Thursday, November 21, 2013

Motion Comic Related Translation Fixes

You know, when I did the motion comics, a lot of text was changed from the original translations because I eventually realized my many mistakes. I messed up big time at some parts, and "you're surrounded by a question" will forever haunt me.

Now then, I'm doing something I should have been doing long ago... Fix my shit for the comics themselves. So I took the fixes that are seen in the motion comics and added them to the JPEG pages.

Yes yes, Fragments of Autumn and Metamorphosis. Links are the same, but I'll put them under here anyway. Maybe in the future I'll do proper retranslations of these issues.

Fragments of Autumn


And yes, the new motion comic, which is The Last Hunt, it's still in the making. It will come eventually.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pikappa stories 6-8

My apologies beforehand for subjecting you all to this illiterate rape, but here ya go, I somewhat "translated" more stories from the Pikappa reboot series. Now, if any of you can actually somewhat comprehend what is poorly written here, have a look at these and try not to vomit.

Already you can tell something's wrong by the title of the first story here. Well, it had to end on a specific word, and I'm clearly unable to do more than what's evidenced here. Leave all your complaints below if desired.

"Instinct of... Femininity?"

"The Oriental Method"

"A Mother is Always a Mother"

I'm done here.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Bankin' #4 - Earthquake/Terremoto

This is one of the moments where I'm sitting down and I utter the following words to myself. "Hmm, on this day of my existence, what should I possibly be doing out of all the things in this world that are possible to do? Well of course, I should dust off one of my valuable PKNA issues and write a reasonably large amount of paragraphs where I will be going through its contents and make clever jokes pointed in its direction, and then I'll post it on my superbly designed blog where all my adoring followers can read it. Let's do this!"


Well of course the government issues you guys torpedo launchers.