Tuesday, December 24, 2013

DoubleDuck - Mission Thermal Heart

The holidays have come once again, and I'm not even gonna be in a very good mood for it because it's not even snowing here in Norway, greenest Christmas I've ever had...

But to celebrate what's to come, I have decided to take this one natural course of action and start translating DoubleDuck stories!


This here's a big one split into four different parts. You can grab it down below!

Cue image I grabbed from the net...

DoubleDuck - Mission Thermal Heart Parts 1-4

How is this related to Christmas? Well, there is snow in this story! Once Donald gets to the North Pole for reasons...

Fuck. Hang on, let me spice things up here so that things will be more Xmasy. And things.

Hmm... Eh... Ah... Ooooh... Okay... Yeah... Uh huh... Just get that right in there..... Yes!

Here, I took this sexy picture of Tempest Gale and added in a Santa hat.