Friday, December 19, 2014

DoubleDuck - Christmas Presents + Element 109

I am here to wish you a merry early Christmas, carrying a bag full of a few presents in the form of translations of the last DoubleDuck comic as of this time. This will be my last post of 2014, and after that, everything will change. Nothing shall ever be the same again.

Way to be overly dramatic. I'm probably just gonna poorly translate more shit. Have no great expectations for 2015. Just look forward to those new PK stories to come. And I'll probably go back to covering that reboot. Got like 12 issues left, should be able to manage that. Anyways, anyways...

One of the last stories of DoubleDuck actually happens to be a Christmas themed, or at least takes place around the Christmas times. It's not like the plot is about some villain trying to stop this festive event from coming. This story is a chunky 3-parter, download link is down below. Why am I telling you that like you don't know...

DoubleDuck - Christmas Presents (1-3)

Tsk. Marco Mazarello, how fucking happy I am to see you draw DoubleDuck for the 100th time... I'm not tired of your style at all!

And while that story involves flashbacks of Kay K as a little girl, as well as family members of Kay K, this next story also involves that. Thus, it goes greatly along with the Christmas story, even though it has nothing to do with Christmas. And the art by Paolo De Lorenzi is most appreciated. It looks good, and it's different.

DoubleDuck - Element 109

There. That's all the DoubleDuck there is. We've reached the temporary end. This will be a day of mourning for the further DoubleDuck that does not exist. And now I will actually be compelled to to other stuff. Some of you are probably rejoicing. That's cool. I love having a hateful relationship with you people.

I'm gonna take a moment for the sadness. You guys enjoy these last comics. These last comics. Until there's more in the future. Okay. Say goodbye to everyone, Kay K.

Well now everyone's just gonna be longing for you.

Hmm. I feel like there's something I should be ending his holiday post on. Something familiar. What was it again...


Oh yeah.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

News on next PK story in Spring 2015

Now there's been news out there before about getting at least 2 new multi-part stories of the continuation of PKNA and PK2 which someone at Topolino referred to as "PK New Era" which I'm gonna keep calling it. But now there appears to be more info which I believe in because someone wrote it.

The next story that will be published in Topolino in the spring of 2015 (man that's still a while) will this time be written by classic Alessandro Sisti. Meaning that anything is possible in terms of quality narrative. As for the artist... Claudio Sciarrone.


The title of the story would appear to be "Gli Argenti del Tempo".

Now, even if you don't have much understand of the Italian language, you should at least be able to read that as "The Somethingsomethingsomething of Time". Looks like we're still gonna have some time travel adventures for the time being, and it goes without saying that the Raider will once again be part of the cast. And now to ignore a total idiot moment I had...

Also, it's said that we're finally going to see Lyla Lay again. Guess she's not dead. Going by when the final issue of the reboot was published, it's gonna be 10 years after she last appeared in a story of any kind. I'd still like to know where she fucked off to in PK2.

And now's the time to reveal a secret. I've actually known for quite a while that Claudio was gonna be drawing one of the upcoming ones. How did I know? Because he revealed that to me himself in a message exchange we had on Facebook.

The question now would be why I never told anyone... The answer to that is simple.

It's because Claudio said he'd kill me if I did.


Seeing as this information has now been put out into the open, there is absolutely no chance of me suffering consequences for making this post, right?


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

DoubleDuck - At the End of the World

Time for a little baby post. It's pretty damn baby. This here DoubleDuck story is only 29 pages. That's one page shorter than the usual one-parter. And if you think the title applies any kind of epicness, think again. What a baby.

Here's a cover where our secret agent hero duck is standing next to a guy who's only around for 3 pages. I don't know where all that lava came from either. That baby lava.

DoubleDuck - The End of the World

Nice story, though. Excellent art too, and on that note, the first page is a big liar, as it says this whole thing was illustrated by Claudio Sciarrone, when it was actually Graziano Barbaro. Credit where it's due, you lying baby.

Monday, November 3, 2014

DoubleDuck - Kick-off + Unknown

Let's start of this month of November. I'm sure it'll be rich with entertainment provided by yours truly. And seeing as we only seem to get a new PK story in March next year, I'll have plenty of time to finish up the rest of the DoubleDuck and tackle other things. Like continuing Pikappa. I haven't forgotten that exists.

We'll start with this story about yet another sports thing, soccer. And seeing as this all takes place in the United Kingdom, we're just gonna be referring to it as "football". As I'm sure most of you aren't even American, you should have no problem with it. Grab this irrelevant filler down below.

DoubleDuck - Kick-off

This next one has a cover which also features kicking a ball, though it has nothing to do with the story this time, but these two do go along well together. And it's about damn time that we saw Claudio perform his art on this secret agent universe and have Kay K walk around with a Lyla face. We are all very happy.

DoubleDuck - Unknown

There's my post, there are the comics, download and read them. Do it. Now let's see how much fun reprinting will be when PK Giant starts appearing on the shelves this month.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Strange Case of Dr. Mickyll and Mr. Hyde

Now granted, the name in this story is actually "Ratkyll", which is totally a change to something English for whatever purposes Bruno Enna had in mind, but I changed it for my own purposes regarding a certain line of dialogue, sooo...

Halloween is right around the corner, so I'm doing something themed to the season because I guess I somehow considered myself a popular bitch. Or the opposite.

I'm mostly doing this story for the eye candy in the form of gorgeous art. This here's the latest in a series of parodies of horror stories appearing in the magazine of Topolino, and well, as far as I know, there are only three so far; the other two being Dracula and Moby Dick. I was actually originally planning to do the very first one about the vampire, but there were too many changed names jokes that only worked in the Italian language and I just couldn't put my finger on all of it. And if you think the story about the latter one can't be considered to be horror, then you haven't seen the whale in that thing.

And there's a taste of the art in these stories. Beautiful. Maybe I'll get to those two in the future. For now, have this Jekyll and Hyde parody. And so I do my thing where I put an image of the cover down here and the download link under the title...

The Strange Case of Dr. Mickyll and Mr. Hyde

Happy fucking Halloween to come, people! May each and every one of us shit our pants on the blessed day. Read the comic and try your very best to enjoy because I took my time to do this and if you don't then you're hurting my poor sensitive feelings.

Oh, what's that over there? PK Giant? Cool, you're reprinting again? So what, are you only gonna make new stories once you've put all the issues of PKNA and PK2 in store? Is this magazine gonna be monthly then, because that would take quite some years to get through...

Am I overreacting?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

DoubleDuck - Pole Position

The DoubleDuck continues, and to my big relief this next story here was only in 2 parts. We'll be going back to shorties for a little while. Grab the new one down there.

DoubleDuck - "Pole Position" Parts 1-2

And with that I have reached the end of the DoubleDuck stories I own in physical format, due to Norway not having made more translations. That won't halt my process, though. Also reminds me that currently there's like, hmm... 5 stories left in total.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

DoubleDuck - Olympus Code

Sorry for taking longer than usual in my current work pace. Sicknesses hall over me, but since I have a tough Norse body, I have survived. The writing in this story was also extra hard to figure out and I'm sure I got some stuff very wrong and wah wah wah I'm whining.

Did you guys know the true story of what happened during the 2012 Olympics in London? This new DoubleDuck is gonna shed some light on the truth of what went down behind the scenes. Get the History Channel on this shit.

DoubleDuck - "Olympus Code" Parts 1-4

No cookie for those who finds a PKNA reference. They're straight in your face and the story actually involves around one of them. When we getting new PK, by the way? Next year? Well, still got more things to translate in the meantime.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DoubleDuck - The Machine of the Clouds

In this edition of "the X of Y", we'll be going on a big fun roadtrip through Europe, mostly the Scandinavian parts. They hit all the countries there except mine, of course. How much you wanna bet it's gonna be immediately snowing once we cross into Sweden... because that's how the planet works.

Our hero DoubleDuck brings along another bird sidekick for the ride (a blonde journalist nonetheless), and we all hope he's gonna bang her, but we know that's never going to happen. Nevertheless, it is an exciting adventure, so let's get to it.

DoubleDuck - "The Machine of the Clouds" Parts 1-4

Whoever spots the PKNA reference gets a cookie.

And what's next in store for me after completing this big 4-parter? Yet another 4-parter... great. Well, at least its 10 pages shorter.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

DoubleDuck - Agent Zero

Let's do an actual story now, shall we?

You know, in case I haven't been subtle enough about it before, I hate the character of Daisy Duck. She has a terrible personality. She sucks. There's a reason why they keep creating all these other better women to hang around Donald. And I even throw Kay K into that category despite how she's tried to kill and has deceived him on more than one occasion. Still doesn't make her any worse than his girlfriend. But I must say that Daisy gets a pass in this story. She's alright here; this is one of her better appearances. Let that say something to you about more than one subject.

Also, I am fucking shocked that every cover for every part of this story actually has something to do with it.

DoubleDuck - "Agent Zero" Parts 1-3

This story does have a lot of elements incorporated that I do like, but on an overall level, when you get right down to it and analyze this whole saga taking into consideration things you learn afterwards and then compare facts to behaviors and common sense, leading thus to my question; does this whole thing make sense?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

DoubleDuck - The Egg of Rio + The Triumph of Love

As said before about doing some DoubleDuck stories, here are some DoubleDuck stories! Two short ones, done in order of what's left. I'll just quickly put links down below...

... normally I'd drop in the covers of the Topolino magazines where the stories appeared to decorate this post, but since those covers have nothing to do whatsoever with what's going on (even if that one image of Mickey and Donald as kids is adorable), so I'll just add in the first page of each story. Oh yays.

DoubleDuck - "The Egg of Rio"

DoubleDuck - "The Triumph of Love"

Appropriate to put these two up together, since they... pretty much have the same premise... and you're not likely to remember them for future times. But now that these nobodies are out of the way, I can get to the 3-parter story that follows! And that one's a good one it'll be a pleasure to do!

I'll be back soon enough with more shit for you to read. Now excuse me, translating that first story made me hungry for those Kinder Eggs and I gotta do some shopping...

EDIT: Aaand I had the page order messed up on these stories and I was sloppy enough to not check before uploading. They should be fixed now.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

DoubleDuck Stuff

So been a while since I made a post, eh? That time I brought you something big. This time I'll just throw in two pages of something and do some talking in the form of writing.

Hey, I found these little thingies about DoubleDuck, one of them also involving the one we like to call the Duck Avenger! Yeah! From some shit somewhere! Read! Ain't it great? Click to view! Why are you giving me that look?

Sure is taking a good while for a new PK story is coming. Now now, more are coming eventually, I have that on good authority. Meanwhile, I guess this is my way of saying I'll get to doing some DoubleDuck stories while we all wait for what we really want. DoubleDuck still got some good stuff you guys don't know about yet.

And how about that reboot, Pikappa? You know, ever since this continuation of the saga in PKNA and PK2, it's been hard to care about a lesser retelling. Besides, the next few stories that are coming up there on the list are really lame, so that doesn't help much... I'll get back to it eventually, I suppose it's pretty much my duty by now. I want you guys to have a little better time with that other series for now.

That's really all. See all ya soon, I'm hoping.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

PK New Era #01 - Might and Power

Is anyone else still mindblown that this has actually happened? And is happening? Because it looks like we're just getting started with this return of the comic this blog is all about. When I don't turn to something else. And what a way to start things off!

These new stories that have appeared in the weekly Topolino magazine have only been labeled as "PK", so when I do these translations I am gonna refer to it as simply "New PK" because that's what it is. Maybe it will get an official name that's something more of something in the future. Maybe this thing could even get its own magazine too, that possibility hasn't been ruled out.

Anxious to get the download link? I'll put it down here below! Have your big epic story!

PK New Era #01 - Might and Power

Big indeed. This thing right here is a total of 160 pages. And don't worry, there's no clownshoes going on here. They really nail down the fact that this is all in continuity and occurs after the events of PKNA and PK2. There's plenty of references here, certain unresolved plots are brought back, and you get to see so many characters you probably didn't think you'd see again.

Hey, Francesco Artibani. You did good. You did very well with this story. And you, Lorenzo Pastrovicchio, your art did it all absolute justice. I feel gratitude. With all the work they've previously done on the series, I'm glad they were involved here to make this magical.

I'm excited to see what directions everything will go in now. I will tell you that this does end on at least one cliffhanger. Here's to more to come!

Kay, you guys can go read now. These are good days to be a fan. Oh yeah, and there was also this whole button press controversy, and a bunch of bullshit about assembling a toy gun, also, until I see Lyla Lay again in the whole continuity, I'm just gonna assume she exploded right after exiting that conference at Ducklair Electronics in PK2 #12 and then all the other characters thought it was so weird that they didn't feel like saying anything about it... meanwhile I'll cross my fingers for other characters returning too.

EDIT: And I was quickly informed down in the comments that there is a bigger name for this thing, that being PKNE, standing for PK New Era. I looked it up myself to confirm this information. Thanks a bunch, Federico!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New PK - The first page

So these past few days, lotsa stuff regarding the new PK series has popped up. Including a toy gun which I can't get, fucking shit... And hey, we're getting pretty damn close to its release. You guys excited. I'm excited. I'm gonna excite all over this comic.

Among the stuff released, the very first page of this series is among them. Being a translator, I thought to translate this, because it was super easy.

Okay, I'll put it down here. There it is, in all its glorious art, the first page of the new DoubleDuck Paperinik comic book thing featuring in Topolino!

Wow, all that nutritious dialogue. Aren't you guys glad I took 5 minutes to insert this English text? And those speech bubbles, well they are just completely impossible to recognize. Hint hint.

Well, there's a lot more stuff out there to look at. Just follow all those different pages on Facebook, and you'll be well fed with what's to come.

I can at least let you guys to check out this trailer if you haven't.

EDIT: Aaand now the second page of the comic has been revealed, with the title "Potere e Potenza". That's the Evronian catchphrase which has been translated in different ways. I'm still gonna stick with "might and power". Meh, I'm not covering this page. Kinda partially did, actually.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pikappa #18 - The Spirit of the City + #19 - The Champion + #20 - The Hunters

Here's the "the" edition. And the editions where you only get a little bit of Evronians. And... eeeh...

This endeavor hasn't put me in the greatest mood. Here are the comics.

Pikappa #18 - The Spirit of the City

Huge development regarding the Duck Avenger's role in the Guardians of the Galaxy? Will fan favorite character Jones no longer be Donald's neighbor? Smoking is allowed in this series now? Did you see those body bags? What the hell is going on in this issue?

Questions aside, don't be surprised if you're left kinda confused here by the end, people who have read it before certainly still are. And my attempt at translating doesn't help here much either... sigh... that's a pretty nice cover.

Pikappa #19 - The Champion

Well, we did talk about these Guardian Cores in the prior issue, might as well go to one now. Time to have more interactions with dumb aliens and their dumb alien stuff. These blondes aren't green enough to be Xerbians, but they're blond greenish aliens.

I don' have much to say here, it's not that remarkable of an issue. But if we want something of high caliber, let's move onto the next one.

Pikappa #20 - The Hunters

Lotsa self doubt here along with some cool battles with alien bounty hunters. And if you didn't think there was enough Birgit Q sexiness in "The Spirit of the City", then hey, here you go! Lyla Lay is George Stacy'd by the hands of master criminal Megawatt, and our hero the Duck Avenger will himself wonder if he is fit to be a superhero because of fuckups like that. Being hunted down's not gonna help his mood either.

And I myself am gonna ask if I am fit to be a translator with all the mistakes I feel I've been making here. Doing 3 issues at once might not have been the greatest idea.

Gonna need a little break here. I do have a summer vacation in America planned.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

DoubleDuck "MNEMON" by Wiiola/rCORNERod

Another translation has been done by this contributor!

Grab it through the link down below!

Um, the cover for the magazine this one story appeared in has absolutely nothing to do with DoubleDuck, but... um...

You guys can get in line to give this one blowjobs too.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pikappa #16 - Protospecies + #17 - The Nameless

Listen up here, lesbians. I am back with further translations of this reboot series, and as I am using the plural, I do indeed bring you two issues in this post.

The last two issues I translated weren't exactly at the top of greatness, but I do believe what I got here this time is closer to that greatness we all expect. heck I wouldn't blame anyone who gets a little bit emotional i neither of these.

Let's get them put up down there, links and images and all, and yeah!

Pikappa #16 - Protospecies

We're getting into an Evronian centered story here. I properly did not use the plural there. I do love a good team-up with good guys and bad guys. Also, One should bust out that mech suit more often. Kick-ass thing that is. Have some tentacles, my readers. Wooo!

Pikappa #17 - The Nameless

More Evronians, can never have enough of them. Guess which one appears in this story, huh. The reboot character of One keeps being a dick about rules and shit, sadly a common occurrence. I will give props to the artist for cooking up a new "alien" design I actually can look at and say "huh I like that". Being a superhero is just like playing a game of baseball, kids.

And that does it for now! More is to come! Make sure you get in line to give me blowjobs!

PS: On Birch's blog, in the post that's like, titled "Monthly run-down: May", you guys should go take a look at the comment section. You guys might find something interesting there. I will say no more.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

DoubleDuck "Who framed Doubleduck" by Wiiola/rCORNERod

Someone else did a translation and I might as well post it here. Well, less DoubleDuck for me to do.

Here's image from magazine story appeared in.

Thanks to this person for the contribution.

Friday, June 6, 2014

DoubleDuck - A Three Day Long Mission..... and what's this?

Gonna have to wait a little bit more for me to do more Pikappa, because I wanted to do another DoubleDuck. Oh, but I'll bring on the Pikappa. These days it's good to be a fan of this series about Donald as a superhero, you know. For now, here's Donald as a secret agent. Or a spy or whatever you call it.

Aaand it's another big thing that's split into four parts. I do love taking on these behemoths. Makes me tingly.

DoubleDuck - "A Three Day Long Mission" Parts 1-4

Now this is a neat one because we get to go back in time and discover how Donald became DoubleDuck to begin with. And funnily, this happened to be the first DD story I ever read, this was here I got introduced to the whole thing. Because my reading is convenient like that.

Introducing such characters as director Owlz R Kool, agent Blowjob Beak, duckified Yarael Poof, and something that's incredibly neither a bird, dog or pig.

You know, Lorenzo Pastrovicchio was the artist who worked on this story. And I only mention that because...

... because that way I can segway into the news of thing other thing Lorenzo's taking part in. That being the continuation to PKNA and PK2 which comes out next month in the Topolino magazine, and for a start, it's looking to be a lengthy one.

Oh yeah, it's happening, you guys. There have of course been talks about a return for quite some time, and with this image we have our confirmation.

I'm not sure if this indicates that the Raider is really gonna show up, because that's clearly old art. Well, that time travel problem could always just go away.

Personally I'm hoping for more Tempest Gale panels to put into my collection of Tempest Gale panels. Let there be no disappointments.

Monday, May 26, 2014

DoubleDuck - Secrets on Display

I'm gonna give you guys some more DoubleDuck, whether you want it or not. This is Bankin' the Fucking Duck, I can translate whatever duck related thing I want and be awfully rude about it.

Least I didn't have to do a big four parter this time.

DoubleDuck - "Secrets on Display"

Not a particularly great story, you'll probably forget about it after you've read it, but go read it anyway, assholes. I'll know if you don't.

I'm off!

Friday, May 23, 2014

PIkappa #15 - The Swarm

And here I come with yet another.

Pikappa #15 - The Swarm

Recurring villain exclusive to the reboot makes a return here. There's like 3 previous stories with this one, so... You guys know.

This story here is quite a fun one. Simple, but entertaining. Also, dat design at the end! For every ten lame looking aliens this series gives us (see previous issue) we get something cool looking like that! More things worth looking at are to come, I assure you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pikappa #14 - Tourists from Space

Well look at that. I did it. Here's a translation of a full Pikappa story. Yeah, with these only being like 48 pages, this is very definitely a breeze. Woo! That's a start! High fives!

I sure hope you guys have managed to find free comics.

Anyways, here's the damn thing already!

Pikappa #14 - Tourists from Space

With this reboot, you readers can now once again enjoy all your favorite classic PK characters that you've come love, like Donald's neighbor Jones!

Now this story isn't one of the great ones, but it does have a sorta kinda interesting concept if you squint your eyes and-- Yeah I have no more of value to say here.

Again, it's a start. Here's to another ride.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

DoubleDuck - Hunters and Prey + Adressing Pikappa

Hey! I haven't updated in a while! I know what people want, but I went ahead and did something else! Woo!

This is totally a late celebration for my country' birthday.

As the title implies, I've gone translated another DoubleDuck story. This one's pretty big as well. Smaller ones are next up (not counting stories someone else already translated), so maybe I can get to doing this at a more regular pace.

Though that's not what you guys want me to do. Yeah, I'll get to addressing that. For now, I'll put up the link to this story up for everyone in the world to read.

Here's the front cover of the magazine the fourth part of the story featured within. It's Donald and one of his many bitches.

DoubleDuck - "Hunters and Prey" Parts 1-4

Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay now...

Pikappa. Officially translated as Superduck. The reboot series to PKNA and Pk2. There's 32 comics of this series in total. The first 20 were officially translated into English and could only be acquired through some phone apps in certain parts of the world. In more recent times, the first 13 of these translated issues were added to Comixology and thus available for digital purchase, but  again only available to certain parts of the world.

Because of this stupid fucking shit, not many who've wanted to have been able to read this reboot, as much of a downgrade it is from the original series we love. We are Pkers and we want more PK. There are still many great stories to be found within this series, despite how the overall thing is not just the same, and it sucks how some of you are not able to read'em.

When it comes to Pikappa and the things I do, I have translated the smaller stories from the first 20 issues, as in the official translations only the big stories were covered. I stopped at that point and started considering doing the big stories as well from the 21st issue. Of course, there have been people wanting me to do those that came before that. Natural reasons. And I've given it thought.

All the time I have tried to be cautious and not get in trouble with Disney. Though so far, with everything I've done, that has not happened in anyway. I wanted to avoid translating what was already available. Though it hasn't been very available has it.

And heck, the previous DoubleDuck I did, "Mission Thermal Heart", was already available on Comixology. I was merely taken into consideration the stories published in actual magazines. Which there are scans of available somewhere on the net, for those who are interested. You guys see what you can find!

I can go into Pikappa. But I wont start from the very beginning. Psst. Hear me out. Psst, you guys. Finding these first 13 issues as free downloads is merely a Google search away. I wont post links, but I will tell you it's out there. Everyone can get it if they make the search. If you guys wanna read, you'll have to do that, but psst, you didn't hear it from me. "wink wink"

You guys find'em and read'em. When it comes from the issues starting from 14, I think I will take care of that. I think I will.

Until the next time I make a post.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pk2 - The Last Hunt (Motion Comic)

Mmm, ah, this would be the first time I ever made a post about one of these myself. Because this place that once was about me spewing a bunch of crap is now the place where I keep you guy(s) updated on the work I do. But I'm sure there will be a lot of poop coming out of my mouth anyway, so let's get to it.

And what do we have here today? Something most of you most likely forgot about? Something that is living proof of me going against your desires? Why, it's the latest motion comic, based on a story I picked out after making a poll where you guys could vote on what I should cover next!


The Last Hunt (Coloring)

Okay, so this is not what you wanted at all. But you can't say this didn't come close to reaching the top, what with it's... one vote. That's from my memory of the last time I took a look at it, which was a lifetime ago. Hmm. So what was the reason behind my decision? Hmm. Well...

The thought that was going on here was that it was time for me to give PKNA's sequel some love too. I love Pk2 myself. And I saw the opportunity to complete this trilogy, which is now complete. Now what the hell kind of trilogy would that be? It's something I like to refer to as "Bruno Enna puts strong women in very vulnerable situations". He seems to like writing that.

On a completely different other note, I wanted to hear a voice come out off the images of Tempest Gale. I wont go into it any further beyond that. You people should know me very well by now. So let's leave it at that.

It's about time I gave you people the motion comic none of you wanted. I hope the viewing will be satisfactory regardless. One, two, three...

I suppose the final question would be regarding what I am going to be doing next. Only what I do next will tell. Another motion comic. Maybe I should actually take the votes more into consideration this time.

No matter what happens, until next time, you handful of individuals!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pikappa stories 18-20

New stories are here, new stories have been translated. Anything these have in common? Eh, they all have aliens, but that's not exactly rare when it comes to PK.

I think this will be the end of my roll for now. We'll see how things progress from here.

There they are down below, all up for grabs. Don't worry, I got an infinite supply!


Another Evronian story. This is a quite funny one to, and gives us some pretty interesting Evronian designs. Now sure, maybe they would have been better used for actual characters, maybe could have become something... Zargon never had to look like Zondag, there could have been more of a clear distinction between Zotnam and frigging Evron himself... Hey, if you've ever wondered what certain other characters would look like in the PK costume, this is your heroin!

(#18) Behind the Mask

Look who's back. See, this is a followup to the very first short story, meaning... Yes, another story with that guy. Someone who's basically not in this series. Which I suppose would upset some people. But here's a little bit more stuff with that one guy. I know at least one person out there is gonna be fapping while reading this. You know who you are. By the way, I'm just gonna tell you folks right now that the thing at the end of this story doesn't seem like it's ever brought up again, as far as my memory goes.

(#19) The Whole Truth

And finally, we get to another thing I try to translate but I find the way of writing to be pretty odd so it ends up becoming kinda sloppy. And we got this one alien here who spoke in a distorted version of Italian, and I... I'm not gonna decipher that and then make a distorted English thing, so I just left it in as it is, it's not like you're gonna understand anyway. If you find this text to be complete crap, I will fully admit that it is complete crap. Just please don't take me to court with this.

(#20) Unknown Alien Species


Bye bye bye bye bye and goodbye to you all for now as I say goodbye!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pikappa stories 15-17

Yeah I think I am on a roll here. You can from now on call me Rollman.

So this is a new set of small little Pikappa stories I'd like to refer to as the "fanservice edition". Well, it's self-explanatory for the last two, bu the first one does give you some good Angus Fangus food porn if you're into that sort of thing.

Download from below, then go read and eventually potentially fap.


So how many Angus Fangus stories have we had so far? Anybody out there keeping count? Anyways, here's yet another one. Enjoy seeing this guy barely dressed as he gets even more disgusting with his food habits.

(#15) Dangerous Neighbors

You take a nice look at Lyla Lay in this story. I know you're gonna. Every single panel she's in, you're gonna be paying extreme attention. Don't lie to me. You're not just gonna glance over her being in this story. You're gonna have your eyes set on that.

(#16) Love is Blind

And here we get to the final one, and let me tell you... You have no idea what I had to go through to translate this. I cannot even begin to tell you the techniques that had to be employed here. This is some of the most complicated write I've ever come across in my time of translating these PK related stories. Though I did my best and I do hope you guys are able to comprehend the contents of this novel.

(#17) Overtime


Now let's see if the speed of my golden days can be kept up with today.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pikappa stories 12-14

Here we go again, I feel like I'm on a roll, and I've gotten another set of 3 short Pikappa stories done. Oh yeah. These may not be as satisfying as the big real stuff, but this is PK nonetheless. It's just great that there's still stuff some of you may not yet have read.

Of course, with Universo PK, I myself have new stuff to look forward to. Will those stories require future translations? Well, that will be up to Disney. We'll see if they decide to tackle them. If not, I may just be on the case.

Now then, you can grab these new translations down below!


There's certainly a lot of Angus Fangus we get with these stories. And while this is about a hockey, this is alas not a crossover with the Mighty Ducks animated series. What do you mean you have no clue that actually ever existed?

(#12) Hot Ice

More of Lyonard D'aq in his youth when there was a superhero at every corner in Duckburg. There stories are some of my favorites. And by that, I mean the only two that center around this theme. And here's your second one.

(#13) The Supersquad

I would think we'd have an Evronian centric story way earlier, but here is the first one. Also, pointing out a positive that's shown here: More of the higher named Evronians like Gorthan, Zondag and Zoster. You do see a lot more of these guys in the reboot.

(#14) Hierarchical Ladder


Hopefully I will be back soon enough with more treats. So long!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pikappa stories 9-11

I have returned with some new translations of short stories presented in the Pikappa reboot. Remember those?

It's always a shame when the name of a story is a pun which only makes sense in one or few languages. You see, "fuoco" can mean both "focus" and "fire".

Go ahead and find the download links down below.

Image in Focus

I Saved the Planet!

Coded Message

I will eventually return with even more things to be posted right here on this very blog.