Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pikappa stories 18-20

New stories are here, new stories have been translated. Anything these have in common? Eh, they all have aliens, but that's not exactly rare when it comes to PK.

I think this will be the end of my roll for now. We'll see how things progress from here.

There they are down below, all up for grabs. Don't worry, I got an infinite supply!


Another Evronian story. This is a quite funny one to, and gives us some pretty interesting Evronian designs. Now sure, maybe they would have been better used for actual characters, maybe could have become something... Zargon never had to look like Zondag, there could have been more of a clear distinction between Zotnam and frigging Evron himself... Hey, if you've ever wondered what certain other characters would look like in the PK costume, this is your heroin!

(#18) Behind the Mask

Look who's back. See, this is a followup to the very first short story, meaning... Yes, another story with that guy. Someone who's basically not in this series. Which I suppose would upset some people. But here's a little bit more stuff with that one guy. I know at least one person out there is gonna be fapping while reading this. You know who you are. By the way, I'm just gonna tell you folks right now that the thing at the end of this story doesn't seem like it's ever brought up again, as far as my memory goes.

(#19) The Whole Truth

And finally, we get to another thing I try to translate but I find the way of writing to be pretty odd so it ends up becoming kinda sloppy. And we got this one alien here who spoke in a distorted version of Italian, and I... I'm not gonna decipher that and then make a distorted English thing, so I just left it in as it is, it's not like you're gonna understand anyway. If you find this text to be complete crap, I will fully admit that it is complete crap. Just please don't take me to court with this.

(#20) Unknown Alien Species


Bye bye bye bye bye and goodbye to you all for now as I say goodbye!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pikappa stories 15-17

Yeah I think I am on a roll here. You can from now on call me Rollman.

So this is a new set of small little Pikappa stories I'd like to refer to as the "fanservice edition". Well, it's self-explanatory for the last two, bu the first one does give you some good Angus Fangus food porn if you're into that sort of thing.

Download from below, then go read and eventually potentially fap.


So how many Angus Fangus stories have we had so far? Anybody out there keeping count? Anyways, here's yet another one. Enjoy seeing this guy barely dressed as he gets even more disgusting with his food habits.

(#15) Dangerous Neighbors

You take a nice look at Lyla Lay in this story. I know you're gonna. Every single panel she's in, you're gonna be paying extreme attention. Don't lie to me. You're not just gonna glance over her being in this story. You're gonna have your eyes set on that.

(#16) Love is Blind

And here we get to the final one, and let me tell you... You have no idea what I had to go through to translate this. I cannot even begin to tell you the techniques that had to be employed here. This is some of the most complicated write I've ever come across in my time of translating these PK related stories. Though I did my best and I do hope you guys are able to comprehend the contents of this novel.

(#17) Overtime


Now let's see if the speed of my golden days can be kept up with today.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pikappa stories 12-14

Here we go again, I feel like I'm on a roll, and I've gotten another set of 3 short Pikappa stories done. Oh yeah. These may not be as satisfying as the big real stuff, but this is PK nonetheless. It's just great that there's still stuff some of you may not yet have read.

Of course, with Universo PK, I myself have new stuff to look forward to. Will those stories require future translations? Well, that will be up to Disney. We'll see if they decide to tackle them. If not, I may just be on the case.

Now then, you can grab these new translations down below!


There's certainly a lot of Angus Fangus we get with these stories. And while this is about a hockey, this is alas not a crossover with the Mighty Ducks animated series. What do you mean you have no clue that actually ever existed?

(#12) Hot Ice

More of Lyonard D'aq in his youth when there was a superhero at every corner in Duckburg. There stories are some of my favorites. And by that, I mean the only two that center around this theme. And here's your second one.

(#13) The Supersquad

I would think we'd have an Evronian centric story way earlier, but here is the first one. Also, pointing out a positive that's shown here: More of the higher named Evronians like Gorthan, Zondag and Zoster. You do see a lot more of these guys in the reboot.

(#14) Hierarchical Ladder


Hopefully I will be back soon enough with more treats. So long!