Monday, May 26, 2014

DoubleDuck - Secrets on Display

I'm gonna give you guys some more DoubleDuck, whether you want it or not. This is Bankin' the Fucking Duck, I can translate whatever duck related thing I want and be awfully rude about it.

Least I didn't have to do a big four parter this time.

DoubleDuck - "Secrets on Display"

Not a particularly great story, you'll probably forget about it after you've read it, but go read it anyway, assholes. I'll know if you don't.

I'm off!

Friday, May 23, 2014

PIkappa #15 - The Swarm

And here I come with yet another.

Pikappa #15 - The Swarm

Recurring villain exclusive to the reboot makes a return here. There's like 3 previous stories with this one, so... You guys know.

This story here is quite a fun one. Simple, but entertaining. Also, dat design at the end! For every ten lame looking aliens this series gives us (see previous issue) we get something cool looking like that! More things worth looking at are to come, I assure you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pikappa #14 - Tourists from Space

Well look at that. I did it. Here's a translation of a full Pikappa story. Yeah, with these only being like 48 pages, this is very definitely a breeze. Woo! That's a start! High fives!

I sure hope you guys have managed to find free comics.

Anyways, here's the damn thing already!

Pikappa #14 - Tourists from Space

With this reboot, you readers can now once again enjoy all your favorite classic PK characters that you've come love, like Donald's neighbor Jones!

Now this story isn't one of the great ones, but it does have a sorta kinda interesting concept if you squint your eyes and-- Yeah I have no more of value to say here.

Again, it's a start. Here's to another ride.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

DoubleDuck - Hunters and Prey + Adressing Pikappa

Hey! I haven't updated in a while! I know what people want, but I went ahead and did something else! Woo!

This is totally a late celebration for my country' birthday.

As the title implies, I've gone translated another DoubleDuck story. This one's pretty big as well. Smaller ones are next up (not counting stories someone else already translated), so maybe I can get to doing this at a more regular pace.

Though that's not what you guys want me to do. Yeah, I'll get to addressing that. For now, I'll put up the link to this story up for everyone in the world to read.

Here's the front cover of the magazine the fourth part of the story featured within. It's Donald and one of his many bitches.

DoubleDuck - "Hunters and Prey" Parts 1-4

Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay now...

Pikappa. Officially translated as Superduck. The reboot series to PKNA and Pk2. There's 32 comics of this series in total. The first 20 were officially translated into English and could only be acquired through some phone apps in certain parts of the world. In more recent times, the first 13 of these translated issues were added to Comixology and thus available for digital purchase, but  again only available to certain parts of the world.

Because of this stupid fucking shit, not many who've wanted to have been able to read this reboot, as much of a downgrade it is from the original series we love. We are Pkers and we want more PK. There are still many great stories to be found within this series, despite how the overall thing is not just the same, and it sucks how some of you are not able to read'em.

When it comes to Pikappa and the things I do, I have translated the smaller stories from the first 20 issues, as in the official translations only the big stories were covered. I stopped at that point and started considering doing the big stories as well from the 21st issue. Of course, there have been people wanting me to do those that came before that. Natural reasons. And I've given it thought.

All the time I have tried to be cautious and not get in trouble with Disney. Though so far, with everything I've done, that has not happened in anyway. I wanted to avoid translating what was already available. Though it hasn't been very available has it.

And heck, the previous DoubleDuck I did, "Mission Thermal Heart", was already available on Comixology. I was merely taken into consideration the stories published in actual magazines. Which there are scans of available somewhere on the net, for those who are interested. You guys see what you can find!

I can go into Pikappa. But I wont start from the very beginning. Psst. Hear me out. Psst, you guys. Finding these first 13 issues as free downloads is merely a Google search away. I wont post links, but I will tell you it's out there. Everyone can get it if they make the search. If you guys wanna read, you'll have to do that, but psst, you didn't hear it from me. "wink wink"

You guys find'em and read'em. When it comes from the issues starting from 14, I think I will take care of that. I think I will.

Until the next time I make a post.