Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New PK - The first page

So these past few days, lotsa stuff regarding the new PK series has popped up. Including a toy gun which I can't get, fucking shit... And hey, we're getting pretty damn close to its release. You guys excited. I'm excited. I'm gonna excite all over this comic.

Among the stuff released, the very first page of this series is among them. Being a translator, I thought to translate this, because it was super easy.

Okay, I'll put it down here. There it is, in all its glorious art, the first page of the new DoubleDuck Paperinik comic book thing featuring in Topolino!

Wow, all that nutritious dialogue. Aren't you guys glad I took 5 minutes to insert this English text? And those speech bubbles, well they are just completely impossible to recognize. Hint hint.

Well, there's a lot more stuff out there to look at. Just follow all those different pages on Facebook, and you'll be well fed with what's to come.

I can at least let you guys to check out this trailer if you haven't.


EDIT: Aaand now the second page of the comic has been revealed, with the title "Potere e Potenza". That's the Evronian catchphrase which has been translated in different ways. I'm still gonna stick with "might and power". Meh, I'm not covering this page. Kinda partially did, actually.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pikappa #18 - The Spirit of the City + #19 - The Champion + #20 - The Hunters

Here's the "the" edition. And the editions where you only get a little bit of Evronians. And... eeeh...

This endeavor hasn't put me in the greatest mood. Here are the comics.

Pikappa #18 - The Spirit of the City

Huge development regarding the Duck Avenger's role in the Guardians of the Galaxy? Will fan favorite character Jones no longer be Donald's neighbor? Smoking is allowed in this series now? Did you see those body bags? What the hell is going on in this issue?

Questions aside, don't be surprised if you're left kinda confused here by the end, people who have read it before certainly still are. And my attempt at translating doesn't help here much either... sigh... that's a pretty nice cover.

Pikappa #19 - The Champion

Well, we did talk about these Guardian Cores in the prior issue, might as well go to one now. Time to have more interactions with dumb aliens and their dumb alien stuff. These blondes aren't green enough to be Xerbians, but they're blond greenish aliens.

I don' have much to say here, it's not that remarkable of an issue. But if we want something of high caliber, let's move onto the next one.

Pikappa #20 - The Hunters

Lotsa self doubt here along with some cool battles with alien bounty hunters. And if you didn't think there was enough Birgit Q sexiness in "The Spirit of the City", then hey, here you go! Lyla Lay is George Stacy'd by the hands of master criminal Megawatt, and our hero the Duck Avenger will himself wonder if he is fit to be a superhero because of fuckups like that. Being hunted down's not gonna help his mood either.

And I myself am gonna ask if I am fit to be a translator with all the mistakes I feel I've been making here. Doing 3 issues at once might not have been the greatest idea.

Gonna need a little break here. I do have a summer vacation in America planned.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

DoubleDuck "MNEMON" by Wiiola/rCORNERod

Another translation has been done by this contributor!

Grab it through the link down below!

Um, the cover for the magazine this one story appeared in has absolutely nothing to do with DoubleDuck, but... um...


You guys can get in line to give this one blowjobs too.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pikappa #16 - Protospecies + #17 - The Nameless

Listen up here, lesbians. I am back with further translations of this reboot series, and as I am using the plural, I do indeed bring you two issues in this post.

The last two issues I translated weren't exactly at the top of greatness, but I do believe what I got here this time is closer to that greatness we all expect. heck I wouldn't blame anyone who gets a little bit emotional i neither of these.

Let's get them put up down there, links and images and all, and yeah!

Pikappa #16 - Protospecies

We're getting into an Evronian centered story here. I properly did not use the plural there. I do love a good team-up with good guys and bad guys. Also, One should bust out that mech suit more often. Kick-ass thing that is. Have some tentacles, my readers. Wooo!

Pikappa #17 - The Nameless

More Evronians, can never have enough of them. Guess which one appears in this story, huh. The reboot character of One keeps being a dick about rules and shit, sadly a common occurrence. I will give props to the artist for cooking up a new "alien" design I actually can look at and say "huh I like that". Being a superhero is just like playing a game of baseball, kids.

And that does it for now! More is to come! Make sure you get in line to give me blowjobs!

PS: On Birch's blog, in the post that's like, titled "Monthly run-down: May", you guys should go take a look at the comment section. You guys might find something interesting there. I will say no more.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

DoubleDuck "Who framed Doubleduck" by Wiiola/rCORNERod

Someone else did a translation and I might as well post it here. Well, less DoubleDuck for me to do.

Here's image from magazine story appeared in.


Thanks to this person for the contribution.

Friday, June 6, 2014

DoubleDuck - A Three Day Long Mission..... and what's this?

Gonna have to wait a little bit more for me to do more Pikappa, because I wanted to do another DoubleDuck. Oh, but I'll bring on the Pikappa. These days it's good to be a fan of this series about Donald as a superhero, you know. For now, here's Donald as a secret agent. Or a spy or whatever you call it.

Aaand it's another big thing that's split into four parts. I do love taking on these behemoths. Makes me tingly.

DoubleDuck - "A Three Day Long Mission" Parts 1-4

Now this is a neat one because we get to go back in time and discover how Donald became DoubleDuck to begin with. And funnily, this happened to be the first DD story I ever read, this was here I got introduced to the whole thing. Because my reading is convenient like that.

Introducing such characters as director Owlz R Kool, agent Blowjob Beak, duckified Yarael Poof, and something that's incredibly neither a bird, dog or pig.

You know, Lorenzo Pastrovicchio was the artist who worked on this story. And I only mention that because...

... because that way I can segway into the news of thing other thing Lorenzo's taking part in. That being the continuation to PKNA and PK2 which comes out next month in the Topolino magazine, and for a start, it's looking to be a lengthy one.

Oh yeah, it's happening, you guys. There have of course been talks about a return for quite some time, and with this image we have our confirmation.


I'm not sure if this indicates that the Raider is really gonna show up, because that's clearly old art. Well, that time travel problem could always just go away.

Personally I'm hoping for more Tempest Gale panels to put into my collection of Tempest Gale panels. Let there be no disappointments.