Saturday, July 26, 2014

PK New Era #01 - Might and Power

Is anyone else still mindblown that this has actually happened? And is happening? Because it looks like we're just getting started with this return of the comic this blog is all about. When I don't turn to something else. And what a way to start things off!

These new stories that have appeared in the weekly Topolino magazine have only been labeled as "PK", so when I do these translations I am gonna refer to it as simply "New PK" because that's what it is. Maybe it will get an official name that's something more of something in the future. Maybe this thing could even get its own magazine too, that possibility hasn't been ruled out.

Anxious to get the download link? I'll put it down here below! Have your big epic story!

PK New Era #01 - Might and Power

Big indeed. This thing right here is a total of 160 pages. And don't worry, there's no clownshoes going on here. They really nail down the fact that this is all in continuity and occurs after the events of PKNA and PK2. There's plenty of references here, certain unresolved plots are brought back, and you get to see so many characters you probably didn't think you'd see again.

Hey, Francesco Artibani. You did good. You did very well with this story. And you, Lorenzo Pastrovicchio, your art did it all absolute justice. I feel gratitude. With all the work they've previously done on the series, I'm glad they were involved here to make this magical.

I'm excited to see what directions everything will go in now. I will tell you that this does end on at least one cliffhanger. Here's to more to come!

Kay, you guys can go read now. These are good days to be a fan. Oh yeah, and there was also this whole button press controversy, and a bunch of bullshit about assembling a toy gun, also, until I see Lyla Lay again in the whole continuity, I'm just gonna assume she exploded right after exiting that conference at Ducklair Electronics in PK2 #12 and then all the other characters thought it was so weird that they didn't feel like saying anything about it... meanwhile I'll cross my fingers for other characters returning too.

EDIT: And I was quickly informed down in the comments that there is a bigger name for this thing, that being PKNE, standing for PK New Era. I looked it up myself to confirm this information. Thanks a bunch, Federico!