Saturday, September 27, 2014

DoubleDuck - Agent Zero

Let's do an actual story now, shall we?

You know, in case I haven't been subtle enough about it before, I hate the character of Daisy Duck. She has a terrible personality. She sucks. There's a reason why they keep creating all these other better women to hang around Donald. And I even throw Kay K into that category despite how she's tried to kill and has deceived him on more than one occasion. Still doesn't make her any worse than his girlfriend. But I must say that Daisy gets a pass in this story. She's alright here; this is one of her better appearances. Let that say something to you about more than one subject.

Also, I am fucking shocked that every cover for every part of this story actually has something to do with it.

DoubleDuck - "Agent Zero" Parts 1-3

This story does have a lot of elements incorporated that I do like, but on an overall level, when you get right down to it and analyze this whole saga taking into consideration things you learn afterwards and then compare facts to behaviors and common sense, leading thus to my question; does this whole thing make sense?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

DoubleDuck - The Egg of Rio + The Triumph of Love

As said before about doing some DoubleDuck stories, here are some DoubleDuck stories! Two short ones, done in order of what's left. I'll just quickly put links down below...

... normally I'd drop in the covers of the Topolino magazines where the stories appeared to decorate this post, but since those covers have nothing to do whatsoever with what's going on (even if that one image of Mickey and Donald as kids is adorable), so I'll just add in the first page of each story. Oh yays.

DoubleDuck - "The Egg of Rio"

DoubleDuck - "The Triumph of Love"

Appropriate to put these two up together, since they... pretty much have the same premise... and you're not likely to remember them for future times. But now that these nobodies are out of the way, I can get to the 3-parter story that follows! And that one's a good one it'll be a pleasure to do!

I'll be back soon enough with more shit for you to read. Now excuse me, translating that first story made me hungry for those Kinder Eggs and I gotta do some shopping...

EDIT: Aaand I had the page order messed up on these stories and I was sloppy enough to not check before uploading. They should be fixed now.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

DoubleDuck Stuff

So been a while since I made a post, eh? That time I brought you something big. This time I'll just throw in two pages of something and do some talking in the form of writing.

Hey, I found these little thingies about DoubleDuck, one of them also involving the one we like to call the Duck Avenger! Yeah! From some shit somewhere! Read! Ain't it great? Click to view! Why are you giving me that look?

Sure is taking a good while for a new PK story is coming. Now now, more are coming eventually, I have that on good authority. Meanwhile, I guess this is my way of saying I'll get to doing some DoubleDuck stories while we all wait for what we really want. DoubleDuck still got some good stuff you guys don't know about yet.

And how about that reboot, Pikappa? You know, ever since this continuation of the saga in PKNA and PK2, it's been hard to care about a lesser retelling. Besides, the next few stories that are coming up there on the list are really lame, so that doesn't help much... I'll get back to it eventually, I suppose it's pretty much my duty by now. I want you guys to have a little better time with that other series for now.

That's really all. See all ya soon, I'm hoping.