Monday, December 28, 2015

Pikappa #32 - The End? (THE END!!!)

Mmm. There's that feeling I've been waiting for that. That sense of accomplishment along with removing a weight of me. The knowledge that I will never have to lay my hands on Pikappa ever again. There will only be glorious continuity from here on out.

But you know, translating this final issue... it was worth it. This was a journey that had to be taken. You really had to go through everything to just see how much everything ended up collapsing at the very end. To see the moment where everyone decided that Pikappa was something that shouldn't have been created in the first place. This is the equivalent to pressing a big red button that says "ABORT". This is comic book suicide, and after all the crap you've had to read through, it sure is satisfying to see it all get destroyed.

Yes, it's been a heck of a ride in more than one sense, and while there have certainly been some gems found inside this turd, it's time for flush the toilet. And this finale is its own kind of gem. With that, I proudly present "The End, No Question About It".

Pikappa #32 - The End?

You'll notice that this story squeezed in whole bunch of cameos from both PKNA and PK2. See if you can spot them all, some of them get really obscure. And it's not just characters, there are other elements as well to remind you of better days.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Pikappa #31 - Below Zero (+bonus)

Well, Christmas wasn't that long ago, and seeing as there's a whole bunch of snow in this issue, we can still be kept in the spirit of the holidays, I suppose. About time Urk made his appearance, too. Just right before the finale, so, hey, better late than never.

Yeah, an Urk story titled "Below Zero". Don't get it confused with the PKNA issue called "Absolute Zero", which also starred Urk. It's like poetry. They rhyme. Hopefully it'll work.

Pikappa #31 - Below Zero

And so we come to the final short story, because the finale needs all the pages for itself to contain all the bullshit. Enjoy these last innocent moment while you still can. It couldn't be more calmer before the storm, and we're all gonna get dragged into it.

(#31) The Judgement

Or maybe that's not a short story at all, as much as Evronian gay porn.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Pikappa #30 - White Eve (+bonus)

Time for the appropriately timed Pikappa Christmas Special. Well, as you can figure out via the title, the story, or rather, stories... Everything here takes place on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day. It actually is rather appropriate to release it today, because for some places in the world it's currently Christmas Eve, and for others it's Christmas Day.

But there's not much jolliness being brought here. For most of the world there's not even a speck of snow. It couldn't be greener outside my window, the grass isn't even a little frosty. I guess it all goes with the mood that "White Eve" brings. There's not even that much whiteness in this issue. There's actually more of the blackness, given that Donald here has to go to space to celebrate Christmas with the rest of the Guardians...

... the rest of the galaxy also celebrates Christmas? What? WHAT???

Pikappa #30 - White Eve

Then there's the short story, which has nothing to do with Christmas, but I don't feel like the main event had anything to do with it either. Probably an overall better story, though.

And this is another one that sets up an element for the finale, so I guess this is IMPORTANT. Depending on how much you value the finale. Primarily because it ends.

(#30) Smoke and Mirrors

Finally, I would like to say... Fuck you, Guardians of the Galaxy, you ruined my Christmas! Fuck you and your panettone/pandoro bullshit! And fuck Life Day, too!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Pikappa #29 - The World Clock (+bonus)

Well, it was pretty damn not motivating to return yet again to this old reboot after recently going through a completely new story of the original continuity.

So here's "The World Clock", and I guess they figured it was time to remake "Carpe Diem", because that story made so much sense, only this time we have NotRaider to entertain us. Did you know the Time Police existed in Pikappa? Well, here they are if you have barely noticed them until now.

You'll notice that there were several different artists drawing this thing, because nobody wanted to draw this! And then more than one person scanned this thing, because nobody wanted to scan this! And then I translated it by myself because I am a sucker!

And dammit, Morty, you can't just put "chrono" in front of words and expect to have any sort of meaning created, that's not how it works at all, you dumb little shit!

Pikappa #29 - The World Clock

Time for that short story. We get taken back to Little Tokyo with "Brakku Dragunu". Throw your tomatoes this way, please. I haven't eaten all month and could use sustenance.

(#29) Black Dragon

I am really just writing this to have a line down below to end things on like always.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

PKNE #03 - Part 4 (COMPLETE)

Time to end this PK New Era November Month with the conclusion to the story that is "The Black Ray"! Another ride ends and we must wait half a year for the next one!

As for what happened last time... I don't even know why I'm saying anything about it, didn't you read it? You tell me! And go ahead and explain how the history of Corona works and just how long these aliens live, and with that you can also tell me the true age of Everett Ducklair, who apparently was adopted by people way younger than him when he crashed on Earth. Thanks for getting rid of one dictator for a parliament of emotionless assholes.

Here's a poster they posted up on their website. It looks good on the blog.

Part 4:

PK New Era #03 - The Black Ray

So that's that, then. That's a total of 175 pages worth of actual content. New record! Again, I must be thankful that these stories are being made at all to this day. I give me appreciations once more to Francesco Arbitani for his batshit insane writing and Lorenzo Pastrovicchio for his love of anatomy. I am guessing we will see Claudio Sciarrone and Alessandro Sisti team up again on the next one. Good old back and forth.

Of course, special thanks to Meripihka for  her excellent continued assistance. Hope to work more with her in the future. And I am truly looking forward to the future regarding PK.

I still have some Pikappa and DoubleDuck to finish up... and maybe even more DoubleDuck in due time if that crossover thing is really true. Well, no use just sitting around, then. I will see you when I have more for you to see. Don't poke out your eyes.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

PKNE #03 - Part 3

Almost at the end now. Here is the third part for "The Black Ray".

To see what I can summarize from last time... Our villain, Moldrock, was said to have a connection to Corona, which really had to make you wonder "Just who the fuck is this guy?", as we know it is a planet where females are dominant. Sergio can, in a sense, clone himself, ain't that wonderful; you can never get enough of that guy. And Sekthron must have taken up backstabbing as a hobby and gotten stupidly addicted. That's the kind of shit that will only end up with you going through an experience that looks to be worse than death. Seriously, getting turned into dark matter is pretty dang metal.

Part 3:

Oh, and regarding this particular third part, there's this page where the name of our hero is being discussed. Now, you can imagine that there's not much room to work "Duck Avenger" into that. Let me go through the original conversation and explain things...

Moldrock asks about "Pikappa", which Donald says is short for "Paperinik". Out of that, Moldrock gets "little duck", and then uses the true word for that, which is "paperino", and that also happens to be Donald Duck's Italian name. You can imagine this makes him nervous. Couldn't get the same effect with the translation...

That's all for now. See you when it's time for the finale. And with how powerful Moldrock is showing himself to be, the only way I can this ending well is if Xadhoom comes out and battles him. Where is she anyway... oh... right. Well, I would have liked to see that fight.

Friday, November 13, 2015

PKNE #03 - Part 2

Time for the story of "The Black Ray" to continue as even more pictures are included on pages, with dialogue, and then things will happen at varying magnitudes. Mmmmm.

Continuing from where we left off, gargoyles are robots too, you know, and Everett Ducklair is constantly revealed to have invent all this new crazy shit. Gotta wonder where he even found time for everything. And then they go and tease me with yet another cameo of Duckmall Center, and I still haven't seen one single Starcorp uniform. I am certain my patience will eventually be rewarded, but in the meantime I can feel weirded out by how Rockerduck is making his first ever appearance in this great saga, and apparently the pig mayor from "In the Fog" lost an election at some point. Gotta love the custodian still being an asshole. And these Evronians just keep getting bigger and uglier.

Well, let's now focus on this continuation. Click the attracting link and get zapped.

Part 2:

Well, as more questions are answered, only more questions are raised. We do get a brand new villain, who the creators have been totally fapping over in interviews, sooo hopefully he lives up to the, uh, hype? Expect lotsa muscles, they love that kind of thing.

Oh, I see there was a thingie in the Topolino magazine featuring something of a PK villain roster. Current. And Trauma is only there because the titular story is currently being reprinted; again, don't get too exited. You might find it to make for a nice wallpaper, but don't think I'm actually gonna translate all that text there.

Stay tuned for the third part of "The Black Ray". Peace on Earth, everyone.

Friday, November 6, 2015

PKNE #03 - Part 1

The true first part of "The Black Ray" is here, courtesy of myself and trusty Meripihka. This is 45 pages, so it looks like this could very well end up being as long as "Might and Power". I guess it makes sense when the same team of guys are working on this one.

Ah, you know what I love about translating this instead of Pikappa? Getting to work with scans that don't completely suck ass. Trust me, that stuff looks way worse before I've used my photo editor to brush it up. Although I did have to strengthen the colors with these PK New Era scans. Go ahead and bask in the beauty! I command you!

Part 1:

As expected there are callbacks to PKNA and PK2, with locations and characters and concepts. More or less of one or the other. And when it comes to characters, there are some that show up that are actually more surprising than the previous story's Seamus Hogg, though they technically also count as new characters. We also finally get to see Donald Duck getting to be Citizen Donald. Until now we haven't even seen him just walking around in public as his normal self.

I'm especially looking forward to the next part more than previous times, as I have no idea where the story is going to go. See you guys next time when that's up and done.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

PKNE #03 - Part 0 (Prolouge)

November is here, it has arrived, and thus I will now give you the tiny story I stated that I had already finished quite a while ago. Or maybe I should hold off on it longer... Kidding, you're getting it now. No more dicking around. I declare this PK NEW ERA MONTH!

Now it will be really embarrassing when I don't finish the whole thing within the month...

It actually is a good thing that I waited on releasing this translation. One reason being that I discovered later that I had initially used lower quality scans when higher ones had been available right in front of me. The other reason being that good old Meripihka recently returned from some small vacation or something or I don't know, and she pointed out a few mistakes that I made which have been corrected. She'll be assisting me for further parts of the story to make it as good of a translation as it can get.

I will again be putting the pages up on Imgur until the whole thing is done so I can gather them together into one single archive. Well then, go ahead and have your quick look.


Not too much content here, but it sure does give you the appetite for seeing the rest of this thing. And you can never complain about getting some Angus Fangus.

As for previews, glimpses of future content and such, I hope you all have still been following the stuff on Facebook. Several Italian pages there making posts related to our Duck Avenger. In any case, I'll just take this one image showcasing what's in store and leave it here. Click on that. Anybody ever get the feeling of déjà vu?

There's also this video on the official Topolino site where the author and the artist are talking about this new story. And while you may not understand what they're saying, there's lots more stuff shown of what we'll see in the future in terms of sketches mostly. I don't understand this backwater mountain gibberish myself. Yours truly can only read Italian, not hear it. Anyways, get to the vid by clicking right HERE.

Don't get too excited by the drawing of Trauma, that's just for the new cover of the current reprint of classic PKNA.

Nice things to spot there. We got some more Evronians again, the triplet nephews get to make an appearance, and there's something there that kinda looks like a giant toad or something. There does also exist an actual trailer for "Il Raggio Nero", but I've yet to see it on the net. It should eventually pop up on that same site.

That's all for now. I will be back with more in the future. Try not to explode till then.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pikappa #28 - 9 Seconds Remaining (+bonus)

At this point, you maybe have picked up on my desire to finish this reboot as fast as I can, and with this particular issue, I didn't put too much heart into the translation. I just kept getting the vibe that the PK Team didn't care too much themselves.

Yeah, go ahead and download it right below...

Pikappa #28 - 9 Seconds Remaining

... and  then you can just go pick up this shorter story, but, eh, yeah, not easy to think about the reboot right now, given what's currently going on in the Italian comic world...

(#28) Clues

Well, the Pikappa translations will be put to a halt now that the third PK New Era story has kinda sorta started with its short prologue, which has been out for a few days now. With that said, you might be asking how it is that I've yet to translate this 5-page story.

Oh, I already finished it. I got that whole thing done the day before the whole Topolino comic was put out on the shelves. It's very suitable for scanners to have a subscription. Scans were put up, I downloaded them and got the translation done shortly after. Yup.

I will give it to you at the first day of November. Yes, I am a dick.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pikappa #27 - One + One (+bonus)

That there's the title. You can guess which big character from the original series finally makes an appearance in this rebooted series, despite the different characterization.

So apparently, some of you have been really looking forward to this one. I certainly hope it lives up to your expectations once I post it and you download it, and that you won't blame me if it turns out to be the greatest disappointment in your life. Don't shoot the banker, ehem, messenger. Don't shoot the messenger!

It was interesting to point out in the last issue how both that one and PK New Era had the moment of choosing to destroy Ducklair Tower with a button press. In this issue, the existence of an underground level in the tower that's referred to as "Omega" is revealed. Don't say that they're reusing ideas, it's all tribute. They're paying tribute for sure.

Hey, the scan of this cover page got a part of the bottom cut out!

Pikappa #27 - One + One

And then there's the shorter story. This one is actually important as it follows up on a previous issue (that's #17) and sets a certain element up for the grand finale of the reboot.


(#27) Please Accept This Kind Gift...

Hmm, no, I don't believe that General Zorgon here who appears in both stories has any sort of relation to General Zargon from PKNA #9. Or that whole Xargon thing.

Now read to your heart's content, my little beauties.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pikappa #26 - The Warrior King (+bonus)

And here we have the continuation of the events that occurred in the last issue. Somewhat exciting, ain't it? As for what happened last time...

The Evronians built themselves a more family-friendly Death Star; Gorthan was fanboying over Zartas as always; Donald got employed by Black Angus; this translator had to translate commentary for a sport when he knows nothing about sports; the Evronians were shown to speak an unique language they never speak otherwise; the Guardians of the Galaxy put on such a miserable performance that they only survived because Gorthan willed it so; and regarding that, it seems that the enemy aliens figured out that overwhelming their victims with their infinite number of soldiers is a sound strategy as long as Xadhoom does not exist in this continuity.

I must say, this here's a pretty sweet cover. Purple is powerful, they say.

Pikappa #26 - The Warrior King

I am the only one who is going to have a problem with the severe inconsistency in speech bubble sizes because I spend hours and hours editing this.

Following the long story comes a short story. And since we're dealing with time pirates, you can be sure they're gonna add "chrono" to every word and think it has any kind of meaning whatsoever. And you can just stay in jail, Kronin. You lackluster replacement.

(#26) The Last Slowpoke

The month is ending, though I should be able to poop out another translation. There's no scarier way to celebrate Halloween than reading Pikappa. Though besides the reboot...

Before the month is up, there will be a Topolino magazine released which contains the prologue to "The Black Ray". And as many already know, the big new story itself will begin early next month. So, look forward to all that, people.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Pikappa #25 - Frontal Attack (+bonus)

So here's part one and part one alone. Will you be able to handle the anticipation of what's gonna happen after the happenings in this story? I bet you're all dying to know just how useless the Guardians of the Galaxy will turn out to be! Who needs an actual military system? These aliens look super great in the PK costume! I can see how advantageous it is in space combat!

Ehem. Pardon. I got a little bit of the vinegar after going through this issue panel by panel. The Evronians are still pretty cool, though. I will take pleasure in seeing them destroy these ridiculous shitbirds. And by that I mean the ones who aren't birds, I don't mean Donald Duck, he's still sweet.

And hey, say what you will about Pikappa... You gotta love how much you get of Gorthan.

Pikappa #25 - Frontal Attack

And here is a smaller story. I forget what my mind is going through when I translated the title long ago. I think it had something to do with some work of writing.

(#25) One, No One and One Hundred Thousand

I shall return next time with part two, "The Warrior King". It's sure to be a riot.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pikappa #24 - Invisible Enemy (+bonus)

I guess it was about time we brought the Japanese standard story culture into PK here. That means emotional smart swift martial arts, that kinda thing. I guess that works, as story quality is still going up. Titles are getting ridiculously literal now, though.

Make sure you vocalize the speech bubbles as stereotypical as possible, baka.

Pikappa #24 - Invisible Enemy

And here's the accompanying 12 page short story. This one's one of my favorites, actually. The Well is a location frequently mentioned in the PK universes. Cool to get yet another look at it. And I appreciate gruesome deaths.

(#24) The Well

Next up is a two-part story. It's really the only actual multi-part thing in Pikappa. Don't yet know if I'll release both #25 and #26 at the same time. Only clear future actions will tell.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pikappa #23 - No Way Out (+bonus)

There's no way out. There's just no way out.

Hello, I believe I am Mr. Cashier, and this is another post on Cashing In All The Duck Dollars. I may have forgotten how to read/write in my 100 year absence. And the absence might have given me donkey brains. But don't worry about it, I am all pizza.

In the meantime, you've all seemed to share new between you about the future of the PK. So I don't have to post a thing about that. But what's important to know is that we're getting a brand new story in less than a month. I was shocked to look at the date. It feels like it was only yesterday when I completed translating The Banks of Time. Although I am somehow also shocked that it's still 2015. I have no sort of sensible sense of time anymore. And now I gotta get my ass to work again.

So now I'm brushing up my skills again before the big day arrives. Brushing them up with some Pikappa. I feel like I can now tackle the rest of the issues after the horribleness the last two were. Not that this one's a masterpiece either, but it's moving up. You might find it to be an example to how 48 pages doesn't give as much room for storytelling as 62 pages. You might also rather watch the movie "The Rock".

Pikappa #23 - No Way Out

As usual, here's a shorter story.
Go get it.

(#23) Chain Reaction

Enjoy that as much as you can while we wait for PK New Era the Third. I'll work as fast as I can when the individual parts are released. Or maybe I'm just gonna be playing Fallout 4. Or maybe you'll never hear from me ever again. Who knows...

Monday, June 1, 2015

PKNE #02 - Part 4 (COMPLETE)

And so we are at the end of this journey! Me and Meripihka have finished the last part of "The Banks of Time", I have uploaded images for this finale onto an album on Imgur, and I have compiled everything into a CBR archive which you can download from Mediafire.

Down here I'll give you links for, firstly, the last part which you'll want if you've read the previous parts and want to get to the rest of the story right away, and then there's the whole complete version which is all neat.

Also, here's this neat official desktop wallpaper to decorate this blog post!


PK New Era #02 - The Banks of Time

There we go! This wasn't as big as "Might and Power", but 123 pages is still a heavy load. I told you guys I would have this finished in June. This is the months, we're way into it. Once again, a fun ride has been had. I will let more in-depth opinions be said elsewhere.

Kudos to you two, Alessandro Sisti and Claudio Sciarrone! Thank you for your work on this! Also thanks to Max Monteduro, I guess, for coloring as always. We're all very proud of ya. And I will also thank... um, Walt Disney? Anyway...

So I've already mentioned the third story in another post, which title translates to "The Black Ray", which will be released in about six months from now. And six months after that, we'll get a fourth story. Claudio has told me personally that he's gonna be working on that one. He didn't give me a death threat this time, so I guess I'm allowed to say that. I've also heard something about this fourth story possibly being a crossover with "DoubleDuck". Which isn't all that surprising. A potential crossover has been mentioned before. Gotta wonder how that can turn out.

Well. Goodbye. Time to work on Pikappa. Maaaaan........

Monday, May 25, 2015

PKNE #02 - Part 3

I am Banker (and other names), and she is Meripihka (and also other names). We have a new translation for you humans. It's the next part of "The Banks of Time".

Hey, do you know where you can read it? By clicking the link down below! Whaaaaat?


Now go. Scram! Scans for the last part should be out by now, and I need to get on that.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

PKNE #02 - Part 2

And here's that second part of "The Banks of Time". Me and Meripihka are on a roll! And guess who's back to make time puns?


I have absolutely nothing more to say! Just go read it! For fuck's sake...

And if you seek discussion, click HERE to go to this makeshift forum I haven't bothered spicing up since I create it years ago.

Friday, May 8, 2015

PKNE #02 - Part 1 (+PKNE #03 Preview)

The new story has debuted. Me and Meripihka have been working on the translation ever since scans were put up on the net, and we finished early.

So instead of waiting for the whole story to come up, I've put up the images for the first part up on the net. Take a look down below!


I will be adding a download for the full thing once it's all out.

I expect discussion in forums.


We've already got a preview for the third story, titled "Il Raggio Nero"!

We've got the same team who worked on the first story working on this one! Looks like we're following up on the whole tower business! More Evronians and A.I. who's been called Sergio!

Expect it in the autumn!

Ah, feels good to be back to the good shit...

Thursday, April 30, 2015

As for the rest of the news...

There just keep coming on more images of the next story, as well as a video. And I don't even have the intention of posting every single bit of it on this blog.

Let me instead point you to this Facebook page that popped up recently. While there are quite a few PK pages on Facebook already, this one is devoted exclusively to what we call PK New Era.

Now that's how one avoids responsibility! Woo hoo!

Okay, now you'll just have to wait until summer to read it. Sure, the story will be released in late spring, though it's gonna be spread out over 4 different issues, so I probably wont have the full thing translated in the month of May.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Re-translation: The End of the World

Yeah, not having any new stuff out for you guys yet. It's hard to focus on that reboot when there's a new story following the original continuity coming out soon.

But I do have an updated version of an old translation, with much better scans than what was used last time. I did this for my own pleasure, but I'll share it with you guys too.

PKNA 1999 Special - The End of the World

Once again I must thank that one person who helps me out, GothicBlackAngel/meriphika7. I'm not sure if I should throw the real name around.

So do you think we're ever gonna follow up on those two characters currently drifting out in space? You think anyone even remembers them?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Colorless silent pages

A good user over at my unattended forum pointed me in this direction. Apparently there have been two pages of the new PK story out in the open for people to see. Which I have not seen people discuss anywhere else. I'm surpised this hasn't even been featured on the big news site, PK Hack. Well, I managed to find the preview on the internet, and here it is.

Even as unfinished pages, they're still marvelous to look at. Now I'm not gonna go give you a full translation of the text there, though there are a few details one can spot. For one, a proper exact release date for the first part of the story. THE 6TH OF MAY. Of course, given that I'll be taking some time afterwards to make it available for you foreigners, you are gonna be waiting longer than that. And it also looks like we're guaranteed to see more Angus Fangus. What would the world be without him?

That was a page with pages inside it. Here are the two pages within separated:

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The next PK's name

Months ago, we got information on that next PK New Era thing that is soon to come. It was said that the title was going to be "Gli Argenti del Tempo". That is what was written.

I made my post about the news while looking up one of the words to get an idea of what the title was in a more commonly understood language. Thing is, as it was pointed out, the word I had translated was not "argenti". I had for some reason looked up "argini".

So I changed my post around, being disappointed that the possible translations were no longer possible to exist within the title. I mean, c'mon, "banks" and "dykes". How could I not have been all into that.

And while "argenti" was actually not a real word, it was entirely plausible that it was a combo of two separate words. Y'know, wordplay and all that stuff.

Well, now that we've recently gotten more news, as well as a page featuring the story title, it has now turned out that the correct title is "Gli Argini del Tempo". I made a correct mistake. I was wrong and then I was right.

What a big fucking fail all around.

I guess I can still cross my fingers for the title being "The Dykes of Time". Knowing Claudio, despite what story the writer has created, he would manage to use his art to turn it in that direction.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pikappa #22 - Valaubles in Transit (+bonus) (++news)

So now I am back after quite a while. Well, I have been around leaving comments here and there, but I guess it's time to make a new post providing a new translation. Many of you may not read Pikappa, but at least this way I'll have something for Birch to fill up his next monthly run-down. Sorry about February, man.

Yeah, this one took a while, huh. And it's not because I put extra work into it. Okay, that sentence is actually not true, since I did have some help with the translation this time. Help from a female Italian English individual, who on DeviantArt is known as "GothicBlackAngel", and on Tumblr as "meriphika7". Anyways, special thanks to her for making this translation better than it could have been. She may assist with future works.

Though this story didn't deserve a "better than usual" translation. It's better than the last one, but that's not saying much. You'll still forget about it after reading it.

Pikappa #22 - Valaubles in Transit

The reboot version of One keeps giving you reasons to miss the original version. The bro code has been completely violated. Sergio (or whatever) from the currently newest story wasn't as big of an asshole as this guy. Heck, Two would make for a better artificial partner. But we'll get to that in Pikappa #27...

Then there's the bonus story. Hey guys! Remember how good Kronin looks in the Raider's clothes? Yeah, me neither.

(#22) Paradox

Sheesh, put him in the outfit, sure, but at least give him a color palette that suits the guy.

Of course, how can I be motivated when there's another brand new story soon being released? I am so excited. Who needs to know what happens in the reboot when the original continuity is, well, continuing? At this point it's all just obligation...

There were some recent news of the upcoming story, "The Argents of Time", and I think that was the reason I decided to finish this translation, just so I could also make a little mention of the news we've gotten. Now where's that one image...

And the man named Claudio Sciarrone thus said; "Lyla Lay shall be drawn by my hand once more, and she shall be drawn from every point of view in the eyes of those stunned by the beauty that is her! And men shall fap for ages until their testicles have been rendered dry!"

We have a better idea for the release date now. We knew it was going to be in the spring, and it states that the story (or at least the first part of it) will feature in Topolino nr. 3102. That issue won't be coming out until May, so there's still a little time left for waiting.

Bu the way, there was also some news about "Might and Power" getting its own standalone volume. I suppose we can expect that for all future stories.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Pikappa #21 - Z Grade (+bonus)

Funny thing. After I was done translating all the DoubleDuck there was in this universe, a new story was published on the very last day of 2014. Funny. It's almost like I had this inner desire to be done with every story prior to the new year we were entering and someone behind the scenes decided to screw with me. Was it Marco himself because I criticized his boring art style? Does he lurk my insignificant blog?

Well, I'll leave that new story alone for a while, especially because there aren't even any scans on the internet yet. I'll also wait for more stories to pop up before I get back to it. Now for something I've been neglecting for quite a while: Pikappa! And once you read this "Grade Z" story, you'll understand while I wasn't motivated to keep going on.

Well, there are still some pretty good stories left in this reboot, so let's at least wade through this mediocre forgettable junk before we get to that. And by that, I fully expect you to go read it anyway seeing as I went through the trouble of inserting a familiar language into it. It was hard. I had to sit in front of a computer in my underwear wile stuffing Kickers potato chips into my face. It's only a thing over here, so barely any of you will get what I'm talking about.

Pikappa #21 - Grade Z

Additionally, I have done the short bonus story thing that followed with the bigger story. I'll jsut put it up as a separate download since that's the way it's been so far.

(#21) Unscheduled Program

Additionally, the scans for these pages were some of the worst I've had to work with. Did my best to make it look decent. Probably did more work there than the actual translation. You may notice as you read that I didn't out too much caring into it. Sorry.

Alright, bitches. Let's see if I can get the rest of this reboot done before the year is up.

Did have a pretty good Christmas, though. Got a pretty sweet gift from my good bud Claudio. Hope you guys too had some good last days of 2014.