Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The next PK's name

Months ago, we got information on that next PK New Era thing that is soon to come. It was said that the title was going to be "Gli Argenti del Tempo". That is what was written.

I made my post about the news while looking up one of the words to get an idea of what the title was in a more commonly understood language. Thing is, as it was pointed out, the word I had translated was not "argenti". I had for some reason looked up "argini".

So I changed my post around, being disappointed that the possible translations were no longer possible to exist within the title. I mean, c'mon, "banks" and "dykes". How could I not have been all into that.

And while "argenti" was actually not a real word, it was entirely plausible that it was a combo of two separate words. Y'know, wordplay and all that stuff.

Well, now that we've recently gotten more news, as well as a page featuring the story title, it has now turned out that the correct title is "Gli Argini del Tempo". I made a correct mistake. I was wrong and then I was right.

What a big fucking fail all around.

I guess I can still cross my fingers for the title being "The Dykes of Time". Knowing Claudio, despite what story the writer has created, he would manage to use his art to turn it in that direction.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pikappa #22 - Valaubles in Transit (+bonus) (++news)

So now I am back after quite a while. Well, I have been around leaving comments here and there, but I guess it's time to make a new post providing a new translation. Many of you may not read Pikappa, but at least this way I'll have something for Birch to fill up his next monthly run-down. Sorry about February, man.

Yeah, this one took a while, huh. And it's not because I put extra work into it. Okay, that sentence is actually not true, since I did have some help with the translation this time. Help from a female Italian English individual, who on DeviantArt is known as "GothicBlackAngel", and on Tumblr as "meriphika7". Anyways, special thanks to her for making this translation better than it could have been. She may assist with future works.

Though this story didn't deserve a "better than usual" translation. It's better than the last one, but that's not saying much. You'll still forget about it after reading it.

Pikappa #22 - Valaubles in Transit

The reboot version of One keeps giving you reasons to miss the original version. The bro code has been completely violated. Sergio (or whatever) from the currently newest story wasn't as big of an asshole as this guy. Heck, Two would make for a better artificial partner. But we'll get to that in Pikappa #27...

Then there's the bonus story. Hey guys! Remember how good Kronin looks in the Raider's clothes? Yeah, me neither.

(#22) Paradox

Sheesh, put him in the outfit, sure, but at least give him a color palette that suits the guy.

Of course, how can I be motivated when there's another brand new story soon being released? I am so excited. Who needs to know what happens in the reboot when the original continuity is, well, continuing? At this point it's all just obligation...

There were some recent news of the upcoming story, "The Argents of Time", and I think that was the reason I decided to finish this translation, just so I could also make a little mention of the news we've gotten. Now where's that one image...

And the man named Claudio Sciarrone thus said; "Lyla Lay shall be drawn by my hand once more, and she shall be drawn from every point of view in the eyes of those stunned by the beauty that is her! And men shall fap for ages until their testicles have been rendered dry!"

We have a better idea for the release date now. We knew it was going to be in the spring, and it states that the story (or at least the first part of it) will feature in Topolino nr. 3102. That issue won't be coming out until May, so there's still a little time left for waiting.

Bu the way, there was also some news about "Might and Power" getting its own standalone volume. I suppose we can expect that for all future stories.