Monday, June 1, 2015

PKNE #02 - Part 4 (COMPLETE)

And so we are at the end of this journey! Me and Meripihka have finished the last part of "The Banks of Time", I have uploaded images for this finale onto an album on Imgur, and I have compiled everything into a CBR archive which you can download from Mediafire.

Down here I'll give you links for, firstly, the last part which you'll want if you've read the previous parts and want to get to the rest of the story right away, and then there's the whole complete version which is all neat.

Also, here's this neat official desktop wallpaper to decorate this blog post!


PK New Era #02 - The Banks of Time

There we go! This wasn't as big as "Might and Power", but 123 pages is still a heavy load. I told you guys I would have this finished in June. This is the months, we're way into it. Once again, a fun ride has been had. I will let more in-depth opinions be said elsewhere.

Kudos to you two, Alessandro Sisti and Claudio Sciarrone! Thank you for your work on this! Also thanks to Max Monteduro, I guess, for coloring as always. We're all very proud of ya. And I will also thank... um, Walt Disney? Anyway...

So I've already mentioned the third story in another post, which title translates to "The Black Ray", which will be released in about six months from now. And six months after that, we'll get a fourth story. Claudio has told me personally that he's gonna be working on that one. He didn't give me a death threat this time, so I guess I'm allowed to say that. I've also heard something about this fourth story possibly being a crossover with "DoubleDuck". Which isn't all that surprising. A potential crossover has been mentioned before. Gotta wonder how that can turn out.

Well. Goodbye. Time to work on Pikappa. Maaaaan........