Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pikappa #28 - 9 Seconds Remaining (+bonus)

At this point, you maybe have picked up on my desire to finish this reboot as fast as I can, and with this particular issue, I didn't put too much heart into the translation. I just kept getting the vibe that the PK Team didn't care too much themselves.

Yeah, go ahead and download it right below...

Pikappa #28 - 9 Seconds Remaining

... and  then you can just go pick up this shorter story, but, eh, yeah, not easy to think about the reboot right now, given what's currently going on in the Italian comic world...

(#28) Clues

Well, the Pikappa translations will be put to a halt now that the third PK New Era story has kinda sorta started with its short prologue, which has been out for a few days now. With that said, you might be asking how it is that I've yet to translate this 5-page story.

Oh, I already finished it. I got that whole thing done the day before the whole Topolino comic was put out on the shelves. It's very suitable for scanners to have a subscription. Scans were put up, I downloaded them and got the translation done shortly after. Yup.

I will give it to you at the first day of November. Yes, I am a dick.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pikappa #27 - One + One (+bonus)

That there's the title. You can guess which big character from the original series finally makes an appearance in this rebooted series, despite the different characterization.

So apparently, some of you have been really looking forward to this one. I certainly hope it lives up to your expectations once I post it and you download it, and that you won't blame me if it turns out to be the greatest disappointment in your life. Don't shoot the banker, ehem, messenger. Don't shoot the messenger!

It was interesting to point out in the last issue how both that one and PK New Era had the moment of choosing to destroy Ducklair Tower with a button press. In this issue, the existence of an underground level in the tower that's referred to as "Omega" is revealed. Don't say that they're reusing ideas, it's all tribute. They're paying tribute for sure.

Hey, the scan of this cover page got a part of the bottom cut out!

Pikappa #27 - One + One

And then there's the shorter story. This one is actually important as it follows up on a previous issue (that's #17) and sets a certain element up for the grand finale of the reboot.


(#27) Please Accept This Kind Gift...

Hmm, no, I don't believe that General Zorgon here who appears in both stories has any sort of relation to General Zargon from PKNA #9. Or that whole Xargon thing.

Now read to your heart's content, my little beauties.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pikappa #26 - The Warrior King (+bonus)

And here we have the continuation of the events that occurred in the last issue. Somewhat exciting, ain't it? As for what happened last time...

The Evronians built themselves a more family-friendly Death Star; Gorthan was fanboying over Zartas as always; Donald got employed by Black Angus; this translator had to translate commentary for a sport when he knows nothing about sports; the Evronians were shown to speak an unique language they never speak otherwise; the Guardians of the Galaxy put on such a miserable performance that they only survived because Gorthan willed it so; and regarding that, it seems that the enemy aliens figured out that overwhelming their victims with their infinite number of soldiers is a sound strategy as long as Xadhoom does not exist in this continuity.

I must say, this here's a pretty sweet cover. Purple is powerful, they say.

Pikappa #26 - The Warrior King

I am the only one who is going to have a problem with the severe inconsistency in speech bubble sizes because I spend hours and hours editing this.

Following the long story comes a short story. And since we're dealing with time pirates, you can be sure they're gonna add "chrono" to every word and think it has any kind of meaning whatsoever. And you can just stay in jail, Kronin. You lackluster replacement.

(#26) The Last Slowpoke

The month is ending, though I should be able to poop out another translation. There's no scarier way to celebrate Halloween than reading Pikappa. Though besides the reboot...

Before the month is up, there will be a Topolino magazine released which contains the prologue to "The Black Ray". And as many already know, the big new story itself will begin early next month. So, look forward to all that, people.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Pikappa #25 - Frontal Attack (+bonus)

So here's part one and part one alone. Will you be able to handle the anticipation of what's gonna happen after the happenings in this story? I bet you're all dying to know just how useless the Guardians of the Galaxy will turn out to be! Who needs an actual military system? These aliens look super great in the PK costume! I can see how advantageous it is in space combat!

Ehem. Pardon. I got a little bit of the vinegar after going through this issue panel by panel. The Evronians are still pretty cool, though. I will take pleasure in seeing them destroy these ridiculous shitbirds. And by that I mean the ones who aren't birds, I don't mean Donald Duck, he's still sweet.

And hey, say what you will about Pikappa... You gotta love how much you get of Gorthan.

Pikappa #25 - Frontal Attack

And here is a smaller story. I forget what my mind is going through when I translated the title long ago. I think it had something to do with some work of writing.

(#25) One, No One and One Hundred Thousand

I shall return next time with part two, "The Warrior King". It's sure to be a riot.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pikappa #24 - Invisible Enemy (+bonus)

I guess it was about time we brought the Japanese standard story culture into PK here. That means emotional smart swift martial arts, that kinda thing. I guess that works, as story quality is still going up. Titles are getting ridiculously literal now, though.

Make sure you vocalize the speech bubbles as stereotypical as possible, baka.

Pikappa #24 - Invisible Enemy

And here's the accompanying 12 page short story. This one's one of my favorites, actually. The Well is a location frequently mentioned in the PK universes. Cool to get yet another look at it. And I appreciate gruesome deaths.

(#24) The Well

Next up is a two-part story. It's really the only actual multi-part thing in Pikappa. Don't yet know if I'll release both #25 and #26 at the same time. Only clear future actions will tell.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pikappa #23 - No Way Out (+bonus)

There's no way out. There's just no way out.

Hello, I believe I am Mr. Cashier, and this is another post on Cashing In All The Duck Dollars. I may have forgotten how to read/write in my 100 year absence. And the absence might have given me donkey brains. But don't worry about it, I am all pizza.

In the meantime, you've all seemed to share new between you about the future of the PK. So I don't have to post a thing about that. But what's important to know is that we're getting a brand new story in less than a month. I was shocked to look at the date. It feels like it was only yesterday when I completed translating The Banks of Time. Although I am somehow also shocked that it's still 2015. I have no sort of sensible sense of time anymore. And now I gotta get my ass to work again.

So now I'm brushing up my skills again before the big day arrives. Brushing them up with some Pikappa. I feel like I can now tackle the rest of the issues after the horribleness the last two were. Not that this one's a masterpiece either, but it's moving up. You might find it to be an example to how 48 pages doesn't give as much room for storytelling as 62 pages. You might also rather watch the movie "The Rock".

Pikappa #23 - No Way Out

As usual, here's a shorter story.
Go get it.

(#23) Chain Reaction

Enjoy that as much as you can while we wait for PK New Era the Third. I'll work as fast as I can when the individual parts are released. Or maybe I'm just gonna be playing Fallout 4. Or maybe you'll never hear from me ever again. Who knows...