Monday, December 28, 2015

Pikappa #32 - The End? (THE END!!!)

Mmm. There's that feeling I've been waiting for that. That sense of accomplishment along with removing a weight of me. The knowledge that I will never have to lay my hands on Pikappa ever again. There will only be glorious continuity from here on out.

But you know, translating this final issue... it was worth it. This was a journey that had to be taken. You really had to go through everything to just see how much everything ended up collapsing at the very end. To see the moment where everyone decided that Pikappa was something that shouldn't have been created in the first place. This is the equivalent to pressing a big red button that says "ABORT". This is comic book suicide, and after all the crap you've had to read through, it sure is satisfying to see it all get destroyed.

Yes, it's been a heck of a ride in more than one sense, and while there have certainly been some gems found inside this turd, it's time for flush the toilet. And this finale is its own kind of gem. With that, I proudly present "The End, No Question About It".

Pikappa #32 - The End?

You'll notice that this story squeezed in whole bunch of cameos from both PKNA and PK2. See if you can spot them all, some of them get really obscure. And it's not just characters, there are other elements as well to remind you of better days.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Pikappa #31 - Below Zero (+bonus)

Well, Christmas wasn't that long ago, and seeing as there's a whole bunch of snow in this issue, we can still be kept in the spirit of the holidays, I suppose. About time Urk made his appearance, too. Just right before the finale, so, hey, better late than never.

Yeah, an Urk story titled "Below Zero". Don't get it confused with the PKNA issue called "Absolute Zero", which also starred Urk. It's like poetry. They rhyme. Hopefully it'll work.

Pikappa #31 - Below Zero

And so we come to the final short story, because the finale needs all the pages for itself to contain all the bullshit. Enjoy these last innocent moment while you still can. It couldn't be more calmer before the storm, and we're all gonna get dragged into it.

(#31) The Judgement

Or maybe that's not a short story at all, as much as Evronian gay porn.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Pikappa #30 - White Eve (+bonus)

Time for the appropriately timed Pikappa Christmas Special. Well, as you can figure out via the title, the story, or rather, stories... Everything here takes place on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day. It actually is rather appropriate to release it today, because for some places in the world it's currently Christmas Eve, and for others it's Christmas Day.

But there's not much jolliness being brought here. For most of the world there's not even a speck of snow. It couldn't be greener outside my window, the grass isn't even a little frosty. I guess it all goes with the mood that "White Eve" brings. There's not even that much whiteness in this issue. There's actually more of the blackness, given that Donald here has to go to space to celebrate Christmas with the rest of the Guardians...

... the rest of the galaxy also celebrates Christmas? What? WHAT???

Pikappa #30 - White Eve

Then there's the short story, which has nothing to do with Christmas, but I don't feel like the main event had anything to do with it either. Probably an overall better story, though.

And this is another one that sets up an element for the finale, so I guess this is IMPORTANT. Depending on how much you value the finale. Primarily because it ends.

(#30) Smoke and Mirrors

Finally, I would like to say... Fuck you, Guardians of the Galaxy, you ruined my Christmas! Fuck you and your panettone/pandoro bullshit! And fuck Life Day, too!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Pikappa #29 - The World Clock (+bonus)

Well, it was pretty damn not motivating to return yet again to this old reboot after recently going through a completely new story of the original continuity.

So here's "The World Clock", and I guess they figured it was time to remake "Carpe Diem", because that story made so much sense, only this time we have NotRaider to entertain us. Did you know the Time Police existed in Pikappa? Well, here they are if you have barely noticed them until now.

You'll notice that there were several different artists drawing this thing, because nobody wanted to draw this! And then more than one person scanned this thing, because nobody wanted to scan this! And then I translated it by myself because I am a sucker!

And dammit, Morty, you can't just put "chrono" in front of words and expect to have any sort of meaning created, that's not how it works at all, you dumb little shit!

Pikappa #29 - The World Clock

Time for that short story. We get taken back to Little Tokyo with "Brakku Dragunu". Throw your tomatoes this way, please. I haven't eaten all month and could use sustenance.

(#29) Black Dragon

I am really just writing this to have a line down below to end things on like always.