Sunday, November 27, 2016

PKNE #04 - Part 2

That short break is now over. The story finally continues.

Featuring more of those punny Italian names; more and more of them appliable in the English langauge. I'm sure some of you already have them all figured out. Do point them out if you will, maybe I'll add footnotes about them in the future.

Part 2:

Alright, no bullshit break for next week's issue, so the next part will come out sooner than this one. Unless I, like, croak and never make it available to you people. That would suck.

Friday, November 11, 2016

PKNE #04 - Part 1

And so it has come to this moment. The otherwordly beast is unleashed and free to wreak havoc, as he comes closer to force his abominable will on the helpless people, ushering in a reign of terror that will change everything. But enough about the presidential election!

It's been about a full year since Darkseid Thanos Moldrock did his little cliffhanger at the end of the last PK New Era, foreshadowing great conflicts to come. It is not yet clear if he is going to be involved in this particular story, but it looks like we're bringing in an old favorite who could actually contend with him.

The return of Xadhoom is here, in this story titled "Chronicle of a Return".

Part 1:

Hope you remember the drill. I'll keep posting individual parts up on Imgur as translating progresses, and I'll put everything in one big file for download once it's all done.

You're not getting Part 2 next week, though. Something about celebrating Mickey Mouse in the magazine or something. That little fucker... Yeah, whatever happened to Mystery Magazine, YOU FUCK? Yeah, so just wait a little bit longer...

PS: You'll probably notice that all these Evronian names are puns, whereas most of them only work in Italian, and I won't be bothered to Americanize them. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Blog Post About PK, November 2016

I'm still breathing, and there's more of that PK related stuff coming out, and stuff that already has come out at some point. If not, then I'm probably already very dead with AIDS. I don't even know how I'm writing this.

So last month they released the official translation of the story they like to refer to as "When Blow the Winds of Time?". Apparently they blow all the time. How else would they time travel? Or maybe they are specifically talking about the thing they call a "timenado".

I bought it. I'm a cool guy like that. I'm not giving you a whole review, though.

Well, that's the old becoming new. Let's talk about the actual news. I've clearly mentioned several times how I've been anticipating the next PKNE and how I'm a big sucker for Claudio's art and now it's finally coming out and oh shit damn am I excited.

So, like a week from now. They've also released a dumb little trailer for this thing I can simply translate to "Chronicle of a Return", and we already know all about who's returning, they haven't exactly been trying to keep that a secret.

Expect my shitty translation soon after. And don't expect me to not break that promise.