Thursday, November 3, 2016

Blog Post About PK, November 2016

I'm still breathing, and there's more of that PK related stuff coming out, and stuff that already has come out at some point. If not, then I'm probably already very dead with AIDS. I don't even know how I'm writing this.

So last month they released the official translation of the story they like to refer to as "When Blow the Winds of Time?". Apparently they blow all the time. How else would they time travel? Or maybe they are specifically talking about the thing they call a "timenado".

I bought it. I'm a cool guy like that. I'm not giving you a whole review, though.

Well, that's the old becoming new. Let's talk about the actual news. I've clearly mentioned several times how I've been anticipating the next PKNE and how I'm a big sucker for Claudio's art and now it's finally coming out and oh shit damn am I excited.

So, like a week from now. They've also released a dumb little trailer for this thing I can simply translate to "Chronicle of a Return", and we already know all about who's returning, they haven't exactly been trying to keep that a secret.

Expect my shitty translation soon after. And don't expect me to not break that promise.


  1. Funny as always :D

    Expecting that shitty translation soon then!

  2. You wouldn't happen to know of a place where you could get the entire translated series of PKNA that I know you worked so hard on? My harddrive died on me, and now I'm not able to get them anymore :(

  3. I've searched whole Day, but can't find Internet page which sells comics.... Weird. I can't find them in any Language they where translated to; not in finnish, not in swedish, not in english, not even in italian!