Friday, November 11, 2016

PKNE #04 - Part 1

And so it has come to this moment. The otherwordly beast is unleashed and free to wreak havoc, as he comes closer to force his abominable will on the helpless people, ushering in a reign of terror that will change everything. But enough about the presidential election!

It's been about a full year since Darkseid Thanos Moldrock did his little cliffhanger at the end of the last PK New Era, foreshadowing great conflicts to come. It is not yet clear if he is going to be involved in this particular story, but it looks like we're bringing in an old favorite who could actually contend with him.

The return of Xadhoom is here, in this story titled "Chronicle of a Return".

Part 1:

Hope you remember the drill. I'll keep posting individual parts up on Imgur as translating progresses, and I'll put everything in one big file for download once it's all done.

You're not getting Part 2 next week, though. Something about celebrating Mickey Mouse in the magazine or something. That little fucker... Yeah, whatever happened to Mystery Magazine, YOU FUCK? Yeah, so just wait a little bit longer...

PS: You'll probably notice that all these Evronian names are puns, whereas most of them only work in Italian, and I won't be bothered to Americanize them. 


  1. Great start! Everything is in continuity, there are some really nice details, a lot of new questions, a fantastic visual atmosphere (and that wrapped up Ducklair Tower looks like a big christmas decoration xD )... what else could you ask for? I still don't know what to think of these "new" Evronians, but I think I'm gonna like them in the development of the story.

    Out of curiosity, had you thought about adapting the Evronians' names to English pronounciation? I think I would have done so, just to make sure nobody is going to miss some of the best Evronian names we've ever had. Not sure if they are obvious enough even for people who don't know how to pronounce Italian... (maybe someone around here can confirm if this is the case?)

    1. Alas, we don't know what every name is supposed to mean.

    2. 1) Sceronston = Sharon Stone
      2) Graneeta = Granita = Slushed ice drink
      3) Sciarlisteron = Charlize Theron
      4) Giambon = Jambon = Ham
      5) Rag-Nork = Ragno = Spider
      6) Pikappoon = Pikappone = Big (or Great) Pk
      7) Keemozion = Che emozione! = What a thrill!
      8) Goostolymon = Gusto limone = Lemon flavoured
      9) Modestoon = Modestone = Very modest
      10) Grooflz = This word has no meaning, it was used for describe a generic censored bad word
      11) Porphioolon = Povero figliolo! = Poor little guy!
      12) Manootensyon = Manutenzione = Maintenance
      13) Ahbenon = Ah, benone! = Ah, very well (or good)
      14) F-f = The meaning of this word is still unknown, but someone on the Papersera Forum supposed that F-f could be "Facente Funzioni", a person who "carries out tasks".

    3. And there you go.

      I did however change Pikappon to Dukkon, which has no meaning, he just needed to come up with an Evronian sounding name for himself.

    4. Thanks for the list, the Granita reference was beyond my cultural knowledge :D

      What I initially had in mind was to write Sheronston and Sharlisteron instead of the original names... but I think if anybody is interested in the references, this list should work just fine.

    5. What about names in pkna?
      (I searched name 'gorthan' from Google, and it turned out to Be extremely rare and old british surname!
      And zoster's name...
      What were Francesco Artibani and Simone Stenti thinking?)

    6. Just read Part 2 on Topolino and yes, they confirm it's Facente Funzione, meaning acting / substitute for a certain position.
      I know you've probably already got your hands on it but in the off chance there's a good pdf scan on Avaxhome.

  2. Great! Thanks for translation!

  3. i hope gorthan returns in pkne. He was awesome character.

  4. Hi! I'm the writer of PK - Last Earth (you can find us on facebook searching for PK L'Ultima Terra, we've also got some english translations for our fans :) ), a fan-comic about the duck avengers.
    Would you like to make a motion comic about it? It would be AWESOME! :)

    Also, congratulations for your work, you're the best!

    1. Well hello. I have read that comic. What there is of it so far.

      Hmm. Something for me to think about. Hmm. Let me think...

  5. Thanks for translating! I wonder who was talking about being disintegrated at the beggining, Xadhoom? Zoster perhaps?

  6. For translating this, thank you so much from Norway!

  7. Banker, you should share your knowledge here
    ( )

    1. Been a while since I added anything there.

      Whole section was messy overall.

  8. Woohoo, finally my favourite character returns! As usual, I'll wait until it's complete before I read it.... Actually, noiw that I think of it, I completely forgot to read the previous story, that crossover. Well, just means I'll have more stuff to marathon through when I feel like it...