Sunday, November 27, 2016

PKNE #04 - Part 2

That short break is now over. The story finally continues.

Featuring more of those punny Italian names; more and more of them appliable in the English langauge. I'm sure some of you already have them all figured out. Do point them out if you will, maybe I'll add footnotes about them in the future.

Part 2:

Alright, no bullshit break for next week's issue, so the next part will come out sooner than this one. Unless I, like, croak and never make it available to you people. That would suck.


  1. Read this, it's pretty cool. Looking forward to the next part! And I'm glad to see you continue to translate stuff.

  2. That electric shock-thing comes from wrong head of that red two-headed evronian (in pkna, it comes from other beak!)

    1. And in pkna, tail-head talks instead of shoulder-head.

  3. Great! Thanks for translation!