Friday, December 9, 2016

PKNE #04 - Part 4 (COMPLETE)

Welcome to next week, where this chronicle of a return is concluded. Also, as we are getting deeper into December, you may as well call this a Christmas Special due to all that snow that's burying the planet. I'll call it that so I can get Christmas out of the way.

Read the last part online in link below, and download the whole thing if you want all those 160 pages on your computer. And hey, they keep making posters out of covers.

Part 4:

PK New Era #04 - Chronicle of a Return

There, that is done. Usual special thanks to the Meripihka person, whom has offered excellent assistance as she always does. Here's to more collaboration in the future.

Well, the Xadhoom goodness doesn't exactly end here in the first month of the winter season, as the official English language for the titular issue with this character has just recently been released in stores in all physical glory. Shit, I need to pick that up.

Don't worry, original double cover variants do exist, you nerds.

I hear the very next PKNE is set to come out in March next year, continuing with the usual artist rotation. Oh hey, Lorenzo's already way into drawing pages.

Ah yeah, the horde's out and the monks are getting wrecked! I will translate the living fuck out of that page one day... And I will see you all when that fateful day comes. Toodle-oo.

Friday, December 2, 2016

PKNE #04 - Part 3

Coming out at a more steady pace, it's the third chapter of this saga.

It's always funny to find little artistic errors in each of these, if you're nerdy enough for it. Don't worry, Claudio, your shit is still beautiful. I'm also looking at the colorist in parts.

Part 3:

Check back in next week for the finale to this space adventure.